Lake Rukwa Leadership Development

The Diocese of Lake Rukwa is located in rural southwest Tanzania, which is significantly under-resourced compared to other Anglican Dioceses of Tanzania. It has no Bible training facility and most church pastors haven’t had any significant training, so lack clear theological understanding.

Anglican Aid partners with the Diocese of Lake Rukwa to support a yearly training course which brings senior clergy together for ten days at the main church of the diocese. These clergy have oversight of the various regions of the diocese, so have a great reach in passing on the training they will receive to strengthen local churches in towns and villages all across the diocese. 

Annual training course

Ten senior clergy

Moore College's PTC subjects

Supporting course materials and travel expenses

The training course, which takes place each February, is now in its sixth year. Each year it covers different subjects of Moore Theological College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) which have been translated into Swahili. Training is done workshop-style, with each participant leading a session to practice how they’ll pass on the training to others. Time is also spent discussing a biblical response to various pastoral issues that are encountered in daily life and in Tanzanian churches. Anglican Aid supports ten delegates’ travel expenses, accommodation, food, and resource materials.

Your partnership with Anglican Aid will allow Tanzanian senior clergy to receive clear biblical training which they can pass on to parish pastors, evangelists and other church and lay leaders.

Any donations to this project are tax-deductible.

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