Madagascar PTC training

The Anglican Church of Madagascar wants to see more people trained to lead and live out the Gospel within their local areas! 

Your help is needed, so more people in Madagascar can be trained to faithfully teach God’s Word!

Rev Berthier Lainirina is an Anglican Parish Rector on the east coast of Madagascar, Provincial Secretary for the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean, and Project Partner for the delivery of PTC courses in Madagascar. He sais,

“What encourages me a lot in ministry is to see people coming to Christ. That is our experience, that’s what we have seen…they’ve responded to the Word of God and we did many baptisms since then and that gives us joy to see God is at work. God is still in control and he will always be in control. And God works through his words and that gives us joy — to see people coming to Christ.”

The Anglican Church of Madagascar is part of the Province of the Indian Ocean, along with The Seychelles and Mauritius. Madagascar contains six Anglican dioceses spread across an undeveloped island twice as large as Victoria. Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest nations, recently experiencing political unrest with violent protests and coups, along with outbreaks of pneumonic and bubonic plagues. COVID-19 has impacted the country very badly.

In this small country, with a population similar to Australia, the number of small Anglican churches far exceeds the supply of trained clergy. Most weekly congregational services are led by laypeople with no training, guided by under-resourced clergy who themselves lack clear theological understanding. The minority who’ve received some training, have most likely attended a Roman Catholic college (currently the only training facility in the country) - where studies focus on sacraments and liturgy instead of biblical training. 

A strong foundation in the Word helps to safeguard against distorted doctrine, corruption and syncretism. Moore College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) can provide this foundation. It offers an ideal resource for strengthening clergy competence and materials for training laypeople leading their congregations. 

A successful PTC pilot program was conducted in Madagascar over the past six years with subjects taught in French. However, the majority of the population haven’t completed their secondary education, so can’t speak French. To overcome this barrier, the Centre for Global Mission (with Rev Berthier Lainirina) is translating six PTC subjects into the local language, Malagasy. 

You can help bring the PTC to Madagascar, in the language of the people, and enable church leaders to share God’s truth with confidence!


This project will teach six PTC subjects to 24 Students from six dioceses of Madagascar, through three, week-long training events per year, for two years.

Anglican Aid provides financial support for students from developing countries to participate in leadership development courses.

In Madagascar, where many rural churches are run by untrained, lay leaders, in the local language, Malagasy, courses like the Preliminary Theological Certificate from Moore College offer an ideal resource for strengthening clergy competence and materials for training lay people as they lead in their communities. 

Donations to this project are tax deductible. 

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    • Please pray for graduates of the PTC pilot program as they use what they have learned from their PTC subjects,
    • Please pray for wisdom and clarity as the PTC subjects are translated and delivered in Malagasy.

    In 2018, these students graduated from the PTC pilot program in Madagascar.

    Here's what some of them are doing now…

    Rev Gaston manages evangelistic training in his diocese, and also hosts a weekly segment on local radio where he explains the Bible. He says completing the PTC subjects has transformed this ministry as he can now explain Bible passages in context. Rev Gaston is also overseeing an expanding network of local Anglican schools.

    Ernest is a retired layman who now travels throughout his diocese delivering training for church planters and lay leaders using the PTC materials.

    Rev Mamy is the principal of a small, newly-established Anglican training institute in the capital city of Antananarivo. He’s incorporating PTC materials into training courses for those keen to go into ministry.

    Rev Constant decided to establish a preacher training group in his parish based on the PTC materials. It currently has eight participants.