Mission to Ireland

There is a drought in Ireland

Dublin is a highly progressive, creative city where the social conservatism of previous generations has been eroded. Young Irish people are highly sceptical of established forms of ‘religion’ and suspicious of authority.

Tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Accenture’s ‘The Dock’ are leading a regeneration of inner-city areas with indie-coffee culture and bars springing up around universities, cathedrals and monuments to revolution, with European headquarters' employing around 7000 professionals.

ICM is committed to seeing gospel-believing, gospel-living and gospel-sharing churches established and strengthened. ICM is committed to both pioneering new, and strengthening old, churches across the country.

Former Archbishop, Peter Jensen, said, ‘Whenever I am in Dublin, the ICM is a natural contact point. The links between Sydney at the ICM go back at least to the days of T C Hammond, who left the ICM to come and serve as a highly gifted and distinguished Principal of Moore. We remain very close friends and allies in the noble cause of Christ’s gospel.’

The need for a new church community

Australians, Cameron and Alex Jones, will lead the team to plant a new church in this rapidly developing area of Dublin City. The Jones' have been living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for 11 years and are selling their house to partly finance a move to Dublin.

They need support to purchase a home (Dublin property prices are high) which will double as a physicial site for the new church.

Alex said, “It was in Jerusalem at Gafcon 2018 that ICM asked us to consider a pioneering mission work in Dublin. We are convinced that ICM’s passion for the gospel, compassion for the lost, and devotionto the Bible’s teaching is the right approach. This simple evangelical conviction distinguishes ICM from the majority of Anglican churches in the Republic of Ireland.”

The ‘Silicon Docks’ area is located in the city centre east, city centre south and the Grand Canal, and crosses both sides of the River Liffey.  There is no gospel work of any kind in this area.



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