MOCLAM Latin America

MOCLAM offers theological education by distance in Spanish in 14 countries throughout Latin America and Spain. Pastors, church leaders, university staff workers are among those who use the MOCLAM resources to prepare themselves for ministry. Pastors gather several times a year for a one-week intensive where they study one or two MOCLAM subjects under the guidance of a local leader.

There are currently over 500 students studying with MOCLAM across a range of countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Spain.

The program consists of three stages:

Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC)
Intermediate Certificate in Theology (ITC)
Certificate in Theology (ThC)

Many of the clergy who reach the end of their MOCLAM studies and are now encouraging a new generation of leaders to start. As a result, MOCLAM is now developing additional resources for local teachers to use in the second generation classes.

Donations are NOT tax deductible for Overseas Ministry.

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