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Care for the Children

Since 2016, Widhya Asih has carried out residential and family-based care at six Widhya Asih Children’s care centres that are scattered in several places located throughout rural Bali. A 2017 Government Regulation required that every child care institution in Indonesia must carry out family-based care. The government wants to encourage families to stay together and to share child-care, while considering that residential care for children is a last resort.

As a result, Widhya Asih has extended its Family-Based Care (FBC) to provide support to disadvantaged families, enabling them access and resources for adult and child education and equipping the children with cultural, social and life skills.  With the support of local government agencies, the church and partners such as Anglican Aid, Widhya Asih is in an excellent position to help families benefit from these services.

Widhya Asih in Singaraja

Widhya Asih Singaraja Children's Home (WASCH) is the group's first centre to implement the extended FBC program seeking to address basic issues that have discouraged disadvantaged families from keeping their children at home.

The director of WASCH has observed:

  • Some parents are desperate to earn money for essential household needs, to the detriment of supervision and growth for their own children.
  • Family breakdown / divorce leads to children being raised by grandparents unable to provide necessary guidance.
  • Low education rates and no access to good parenting resources and support.

The enhanced focus on family-based care seeks to address Indonesia's legacy of having one of the world's highest rates of children in out-of-home care.

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    • Pray for the Protestant Church of Bali as it seeks to minister to vulnerable children
    • Pray that every year there will be more children coming to Widhya Asih despite children also graduating from the program. Pray for those children who come, pray they grow to love each other and study hard at school. For those who graduate from Widhya Asih, pray they become an impact for all people around them, their family first and then to the community.
    • Pray for the staff at Widhya Asih. Many themselves come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Thank God for their heart to help children. Pray that they would be devoted to the kids.
    • Pray for the fundraising programs of Widhya Asih, especially in each children home. Pray for the projects which include farming, Batik sewing, handicraft, fish, pig, goat farming etc. Pray that we expand and support our staff well.