Projek Bali Kids

When we think of Bali, swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, colourful markets and luxurious resorts usually come to mind. But Bali is also a place of poverty. Many inland villages have no paved roads, no running water and no electricity. Overall, conditions in Bali have improved since 1970 as a result of increased income from tourism. Bali used to be one of Indonesia’s poorest provinces and is now one of the wealthiest. Yet the benefits have not been evenly spread, with communities in many non-tourist areas still lacking basic necessities for everyday life. The Widhya Asih Foundation works within Bali’s poorest communities to achieve its compelling mission to ‘help impoverished people help themselves to break their cycle of poverty’.

Widhya Asih is responsible for seven children's centres scattered throughout Bali. These children's centres provide support for 470 orphans and vulnerable children from some of Bali’s poorest and most remote areas. The children are from all social and religious backgrounds, and come to Widhya Asih for a variety of reasons including the death of family members, abandonment, abuse and poverty.

Anglican Aid is partnering with the Widhya Asih Foundation to support their work in providing disadvantaged children in Bali with decent living conditions, access to education (primary, secondary and vocational) and equipping the children with appropriate life skills. The director of Widhya Asih Foundation knows that it is not good long-term planning to rely on Western donors for “hand outs” so the project is particularly focused on establishing sound income generating activities to enable the children's centers to progress towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. This process does take time and, in the meantime, Anglican Aid also contributes funds towards the costs of running the children's centres and the professional development of staff.

Donations to this project will be used for this project only.

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ABN 28 525 237 517

    • Pray for the Protestant Church of Bali as it seeks to minister to vulnerable children
    • Pray that every year there will be more children coming to Widhya Asih despite children also graduating from the program. Pray for those children who come, pray they grow to love each other and study hard at school. For those who graduate from Widhya Asih, pray they become an impact for all people around them, their family first and then to the community.
    • Pray for the staff at Widhya Asih. Many themselves come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Thank God for their heart to help children. Pray that they would be devoted to the kids.
    • Pray for the fundraising programs of Widhya Asih, especially in each children home. Pray for the projects which include farming, Batik sewing, handicraft, fish, pig, goat farming etc. Pray that we expand and support our staff well.