Lunch & Leisure Club - Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church

The Riverwood Department of Housing estate has a demographic that represents greater levels of disability than many other urban communities. It has the highest density of bedsit accommodation of all the NSW Department of Housing Estates (250 total). The nature of the accommodation available is such that it includes individuals who:

•             Receive the Disability Support Pension

•             Do not have a family or supporters to live with

•             Have not been able to successfully maintain private rental accommodation

•             Have chronic disabilities

•             Have not originally grown up or chosen to live in this community.

Anglican Aid and Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church aim to support people in the local community who live with a mental illness, are socially isolated and sometimes struggle with the activities of daily living. The Riverwood Lunch & Leisure Club offers an opportunity to make connections, seek support and have some fun in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Riverwood Lunch & Leisure Club has a wide and varied program designed to enhance self-esteem, establish friendships and gain personal insight.  Each week the club can be found discovering the sights of Sydney, listening to guest speakers and participating in workshops, exploring their creative sides through Music, Dance and Art Therapy or simply sharing a meal and some great conversation. The program runs for 4 -5 hours on a Wednesday, providing a meal, space for safe social contact and opportunities to participate in recreational activities. 

All donations are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517

  • Give thanks to God for allowing this long standing program to operate and for the stability and joy it brings to the lives of its members
  • For the members on their recovery journey - for safety and for treatments to be effective
  • That church members would continue to build relationships with members of Lunch and Leisure as they interact with them as individuals in the church community

A tonic against loneliness: Friends, food and fun!

Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church runs a weekly lunch for people struggling with mental illness to provide a space for them to met friends and feel loved.

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