Christmas Appeal 2023: "Because of Jesus"

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How we’re working

In a timeframe of four to five years, the Diocese of Rorya in partnership with Anglican Aid plans to build wells in three villages, install environmentally friendly microflush toilets in 26 villages, and provide health and hygiene education in a number of village primary schools.

Not only will this project provide improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, but it is committed to creating long lasting and sustainable culture change. Social workers from the 26 villages will educate the community in basic health and hygiene, village leaders will be trained in the maintenance and administration of the water supply, and a cooperative will be formed in each village to manage the resources and ensure the small nominal fee families contribute to use the water supply will go towards the well’s upkeep.

Your generosity means…
  • Improved village health
  • Kids learn how to properly wash their hands from an early age
  • More than 1500 people benefit from each new well
  • Families can access toilets
  • Less disease and death
  • More girls in school
  • Kids drink clean – not contaminated – water
  • Environmental conservation is promoted
  • Women and girls no longer have to walk hours to fetch water
Give water – transform a community 

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