RUTH House (Yayasan Rumah Tumbuh Harapan)

Yayasan Rumah Tumbuh Harapan (a house for growing hope or simply RUTH House) is a non profit Christian organisation that aims to help women with unwanted pregnancies. It gives them a safe shelter to stay in while they wait for the arrival of their little one. Devi took her first homeless pregnant girl in when she lived in a one bedroom university dormitory. She gave the girl her bed and slept on the floor. That was the first of many. In Indonesia many women are cast out of their job, school and family when they are found to be pregnant. This leaves 1,000’s of them homeless with nowhere to go and nobody to care for them. Many cases that come to Ruth House are a result of abuse. Many are raped and some have been trafficked into prostitution. 


RUTH House was officially founded in 2011 after Devi married Charles. This was when they acquired their first rental premises purely set aside for the girls and their babies. One driving factor of their passion is the rising statistics of abortion cases in Indonesia. Sadly, today there are at least 3,000,000 abortions a year. Up to now RUTH House has helped more than 150 women through their pregnancies. The women do one of three things with their babies. They go back to their families after reconciling with them and bring up their children in their original communities. Or, they become an independent single mum. Lastly, they give their baby up for adoption. 


Vision and Mission

  • Stop abortion by providing a safe place to be pregnant
  • Minister to and take in women who are pregnant due to violence, abuse, or pre marital relationship
  • Implanting Christian values with an aim to help these women have a right mind according to the truth
  • Enabling independence in women who thought that was unachievable
  • Maturing the women we minister to so that they can be self-sufficient, especially those who decide to become a single parent
  • Educating schools, universities, sanctuaries, and public communities about the prevention of abortion and it’s impact on women. 


All donations to this project are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517


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