Seychelles – Student Bursary

Anglican Aid is supporting the theological training of Jonah Victoria Andriamalala is a leader in the Anglican Diocese of Seychelles. He was officially commissioned as a lay minister in 2017 and has served at St Paul’s Cathedral in the capital, Victoria. He has completed some subjects at Moore Theological College via distance education.

Anglican Aid is now providing a bursary to Jonah to enable him to undertake a Master of Divinity at Uganda Christian University. This will lead to his ordination as a full time worker in the church — the first ordained minister in the Diocese of Seychelles since 2006. Once he graduates and returns to the Seychelles, Jonah will be responsible for training lay people in the gospel message and shepherding the church. Jonah says, ‘I will be always grateful to Anglican Aid, to UCU, to our Diocese of Seychelles, and above all to our Lord Jesus Christ who is making us always victorious.’ 

Donations are NOT tax deductible for Overseas Ministry.

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