Shamrock School


Shamrock School, is situated at Pokhara, Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a boarding school of about 50 students aged 8-16. The school targets intellectually gifted students whose families would not otherwise be able to afford an education up to college/university level.

Quality education is not available to so many poor children in Nepal. Many intelligent children born into small, subsistence-farming communities in villages high in the Himalayas, who dream of one day becoming nurses, teachers or doctors. Sadly, many of these children never get the chance to rise above a basic primary school education.

Anglican Aid is working with Shamrock School to provide these children with the opportunity learn, study and dream. Shamrock School follows the Nepali national curriculum through the medium of English. The School is visited by volunteers from around the world and the children are inspired and educated through experiential learning methods. The children learn about their own wonderful culture whilst also learning about the opportunities of the world outside their mountainous borders .These children aspire to be doctors, engineers, nurses and teachers. Some of our students are disabled, some are orphans and all come from low income families. Most importantly, all of them want to learn!

Donation Information

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