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In Ghana, more than five million people (about 18 percent) use surface water for their daily needs. Contaminated surface water contains high microbial and fecal contamination, putting children and the rest of the population at high risk for water-related diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. About 81 percent of Ghanaians lack access to improved sanitation or are entirely without toilet facilities. Many hours of the day are swallowed up in retrieving water, especially for women and girls, who then miss out on participating in school or working for an income. Most income generating activities in these rural villages are water intensive, such as subsistence farming, horticulture, and raising poultry, so a majority of families require more water than they currently have access to.

These new mechanised boreholes will ensure safe, clean, accessible, and affordable water to the local community. Water-borne illnesses will be reduced, as well as the time needed to fetch water, so that community health will improve, students can get to school on time, and adults can increase their productivity.

The Sunyani water project is committed to ensuring its sustainability in the community, through educating the community on proper use of the water facilities, undertaking routine monitoring and evaluation, and establishing a fund for money raised by the community itself to go towards maintenance of the boreholes.

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