Sustainable Livelihoods (Bugayi Parish)

*This project is now closed*

Anglican Aid partnered with the Church of Uganda's Planning Development and Rehabilitation organisation (COU-PDR), to improve food, nutrition and income security in Bugiri. The project equipped Bugiri farmers with vital information and tools. Farmers formed groups of 15-20 households, each with a facilitator and leadership structure. In these groups, farmers received training in conservation agriculture (known in the region as “Farming God’s Way”) which focused on both increasing short-term productivity and progressively restoring soil fertility to ensure sustainable outputs in the future. The program predominantly targeted women as the recipients of resources, not only because they were often disadvantaged in decision-making processes but also because they were central to the well-being of households. The program directly affected the lives of 200 youth and 100 women and it was estimated to affect 2,100 people indirectly.

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