Shalom Pre- and Primary School (Bunda)

Bridging the Gap

The Shalom Pre and Primary School has bridged the gap between the Shalom Kindergarten and the Bunda Girls Secondary School, enabling children to continue in a quality caring English medium education. They are equipped to enter Form 1 with a good knowledge of English rather than struggling to make the transition from Swahili Primary School to English Secondary school as has been the case for most of our students.

From its outset the school embrace the Behaviour Management Policy which was developed in conjunction with the Bunda Girls Secondary School and St John's University in Dodoma.

The policy is unique in Tanzania where corporal punishment is the norm. In the place of corporal punishment, the schools employ positive methods of reinforcing and encouraging responsible, respectful behaviour, meaning that Shalom children begin their education with discipline based on love rather than fear. 

Shining like Stars

Very few of these children come from families with a reliable income from business or employment opportunities, but depend of subsistence agriculture and unpredictable weather patterns. The cost of formal education is out of reach for most families yet they know that an education for their children will open up the way for improving their lives in the future.  

The school motto is “Shine Like Stars”  (Philippians 2:15 GNB).  Please consider supporting these beautiful special children so that they can truly shine like stars with a successful quality education and for Jesus!