Katakwa is a rural and poor diocese that has experienced significant growth over the last decade growing from 60,000 to almost 100,000. To date the Diocese has grown from 37 parishes in 2012 to 48 parishes with more than 200 congregations now. There are 56 ordained clergy and out of whom only four have degrees in theology and eleven hold diploma in theology, others hold certificate in theology and rest don’t have any kind of training. There are also more than 300 lay readers and evangelists of whom majority don’t have any kind of training. The main challenges facing the diocese and individual members to support themselves, is the poor economic state of the community. The support of Anglican Aid over the last several years has given more clergy, lay readers and evangelist the opportunity to attain theological education and leadership skills through the provision of student bursaries which is ongoing.

Anglican Aid and the Diocese of Katakwa have partnered to provide leadership development and training to both ordained clergy and lay preachers at a grass roots level. This training is designed to equip them to identify and meet the development needs of their communities in health, education and community development from a Biblically shaped world view.

In rural areas of Kenya there are few opportunities for formal training due to poverty and poor infrastructure. In this context the TEE has been very effective as large numbers of people are able to participate, and what the students learn they are able to pass on to others  in their local congregations.

The program is designed to mentor and train Christian men and women on biblical world views, practical life, ministry skills and personal character development so that they can become informed and effective community leaders. It is an effective way to equip and empower the clergy and laity to provide practical as well as spiritual ministry and leadership for their local communities.

Washington Imoleit, a student doing the Diploma level of training, says, “The program has been a turning point in my life and ministry. The training has given me an opportunity to get better illumination of the word of God. It is indispensable for those who want to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


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    • Thank God Theological Education by Extension programs and the great benefit they have been to rural and marginalised communities.

    December 2016

    “I am known as Evangelist George Oloo Makokha. I was born in 1977 and I am married with five children. I work as a junior clerk in the municipality and an evangelist in the local church called Akulony Church. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was 12 years old. Since then I have been witnessing and preaching the Kingdom of God. My main challenge has been to present the word of God in a more sound way. I have been struggling a lot to understand some Biblical concepts. I believe that by doing a Diploma I will get a deeper perspective of the Bible. I feel more energized by the fact that I will thoroughly be equipped without me being forced to leave my family and work to go to a far away college but instead I will be devoting some hours a week to study and continue working and preaching at the same time. This is the best way of studying because you study and at the same time apply the word. Thanks to Anglican Aid for the support.”