Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

Donations to this project will target 400 individuals directly (and approx. 2400 children and others indirectly) impacted by the Lord's Resistance Army which has destroyed northern Uganda's infrastructure and society. Participants will learn how to grow crops after a generation of living as internally displaced people with no opportunity to farm. The budget for the project is approximately $50,000 AUD. This is approximately $40 per year to support one person representing a family group in the project. 

The Church of Uganda has significant experience in carrying out the methodology as other similar projects in different districts have shown that this can have exceptional outcomes. Regular reports will be forwarded from the COU to keep you updated on progress.


All donations to this project are tax deductible.

ABN 59 792 865 372

Donations to this project will be used for this project only.

  • Pray for the people in Kitgum region as they seek to rebuild their lives and their community
  • Give thanks for the Church of Uganda which is implementing Farming God's Way nationally in Uganda as a means to improve livelihoods.

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