The Mbuyu Foundation

The Mbuyu Foundation has projects all over Uganda, with the majority of its work run from the Life Centre in the heart of Katanga, one of Kampala’s largest slums. Mbuyu is the Swahili word for Boabab tree – which is the Tree of Life. The LIFE PROJECT aims to help bring life and healing to families.Katanga slum in Kampala is home to more than 20,000 residents living in very poor, basic facilities.

Families are broken, afflicted by drugs and alcoholism, violence and gangs. Many children fail to attend school, instead spend their time begging on the street or selling fruits and vegetables to try and help their families make ends meet. The majority of those who call Katanga home are unemployed and struggle to meet the basic needs of their families.

The Mbuyu Foundation was started by Dr Roberts & Leah Makanda and officially registered as a government approved charity and NGO in Uganda in 2016.

It was born out of a deep love for the people of Uganda, a deep love for God and desire to see every person have the opportunity to be able to live a life of freedom and dignity, where they are able to work, earn and care for their family.

The Mbuyu Foundation began a series of programs that come under the LIFE PROJECT which includes various Life Projects:

Read for Life - Literacy and library program for school age children.

Skills for Life – Skills training for the parents/guardians of those children who attend Read for Life.

Adult Literacy for Life – Mid-week classes helping adults to read, write and communicate in English to improve their chance of employment. Uganda has more than 50 different languages!

Sports for Life – Using football and sports to keep young boys out of gangs and away from the street, all while helping them to see the importance of education and learning to read and write.

Study Club – Providing a safe and quiet environment for study each evening, with the benefit of electricity, text books and library facilities. Two teachers on hand can tutor the students and help them catch up or keep up with their school work.  Kids in Katanga all live in one tiny room with their whole family, often with very poor light and unreliable or no electricity. 

Sponsorship to Life – Our child sponsorship program is at the heart of what we do. Aiming to help every child in our care to have the best access to a QUALITY education and to receive mentoring in life in all aspects, including physically and spiritually.

Your donation makes a real difference.

USD $50.00 a month sponsors an individual child.

USD $30.00 runs Study Club each week.

USD $25.00 provides food for more than 200 children at the Read program each week.

USD $200.00 delivers sports programs for 60 teenage boys for a month.

USD $350.00 pays the rent and upkeep of our facility in the slum for a month. (USD $5000 covers it for a year).

USD $1000.00 sustains the skills training program for 60 adults for a month


  • To significantly reduce maternal deaths, and every woman experiencing a safe and dignified maternal journey. 
  • To transform slums, into thriving, healthy, clean, safe communities
  • To empower families to be able to earn their own living and provide basic needs (food,education)  for their own children, which will result in a reduction in the number of abandoned children, and the reduction in those living in poverty.
  • To significantly improve the literacy rate for adults and children, and develop a reading culture.
  • To advocate and work towards accessibility of quality healthcare.
  • To strengthen marriages and family structures, providing children with a safe, loving and stable environment.