Victoria Memorial Hospital

UPDATE: Covid-19 response, April 2020

In Pakistan, 25% of the country rely on a daily wage. Curfews, lockdowns and social distancing has exacerbated the effects of poverty. The Government is creating a task force to distribute rations, however there are many who have yet to receive food rations.

One2Another is stepping in to fill this gap, with food packs for 100 families. They are prioritising families who usually earn a daily wage but now are unable to do so due to the lockdown. Packs include fresh vegetables and dry goods including tea, lentils, chickpea flour, salt, spices, and soap.

For the last few years Anglican Aid has partnered with One2Another to build the Victoria Hospital in Multan, Pakistan. The building is now complete and has begun to serve poor and marginalised families.

One2Another exists to improve the lives of poor and marginalized families in Pakistan by:

  • providing education and training to equip and empower
  • mobilizing human and material resources to create enterprise
  • seeking spiritual wholeness for each individual
  • pursuing sustainability for long-term success

OnetoAnother seeks to aid the poor through providing healthcare at minimal costs. The area in which OnetoAnother has constructed this hospital is growing rapidly and in about 5-10 years the hospital will be able to serve thousands of families.

The main objective of the hospital is to provide good and affordable healthcare to poor and marginalized families. The initial plan is to focus on women, children and patients who are terminally ill as currently there is no facility in Multan that provides service to the terminally ill.

Anglican Aid is assisting with staffing costs. Funding is required for the following:

  • AU$300 per month to pay the salary of one nurse. 12 full time nurses are needed.
  • AU$300 per month to pay the salary of one pharmacist. At this stage 2 full time pharamcists are needed.
  • AU$720 per month to pay the salary of one doctor. At this stage 2 full time doctors are needed.
  • Funds also need to be raised for administrators, receptionists, security guards, janitors, midwives etc.

Donations for this project are tax deductible.

ABN  29 525 237 517

  • Thank God for One2Another and it's desire to serve the marginalised