Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA)


Within the small regional village of Kom Tum, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the love of Christ is at work. 

Anglican Aid's partner, Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association, supports a medical centre in Kom Tum which provides free medical and health care to the rural community. Many of the rural villagers in this region suffer from leprosy, loss of limbs due to land mines and other disabilities that otherwise would go without professional treatment. The love shown by the doctors and nurses at the medical centre is extraordinary as day by day they work little miracles in people lives who, without their help, may never have walked, worked, laughed or loved again.


However, in order for people like Sister Dr. Maria (pictured with a patient) to continue their work there are urgent repairs and that need to be made to the existing medical centre. 

Please join us and Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association in financing the repair of Kom Tom's medical centre.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517