• DRC (Congo)

    DRC - Bishop Isesomo Ministry Support

    Anglican Aid, together with Springwood Anglican Church and Gymea Anglican Church, supports the ministry of Bishop Isesomo in the Anglican Diocese of North Kivu, DR Congo.

  • Read Jonglei Floods Emergency Relief South Sudan

    Jonglei Floods Emergency Relief

    Help Anglican Aid provide emergency humanitarian relief and aid for those devastated by the floods in Jonglei State, South Sudan. Funds will provide basic items such as food, blankets, and mosquito nets to those who have been displaced by the floods, distributed through the local church, ensuring pastoral care is also given.

  • Read Beirut Explosion Emergency Lebanon

    Beirut Explosion Emergency

    On 4 August 2020, Beirut was devastated by a massive explosion which flattened the busy port area and destroyed the country's major grain silo. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. Anglican Aid is providing emergency relief funds through the the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development Campus (LSESD) as it partners with local churches actively responding to the needs of the community.

  • Read Lake Rukwa Leadership Development Tanzania

    Lake Rukwa Leadership Development

    Anglican Aid partners with the Diocese of Lake Rukwa to support an annual training course to strengthen senior clergy, based on Moore College’s PTC subjects. Anglican Aid supports ten delegates’ travel expenses, accommodation, food, and resource materials.

  • Read DRC: Kindu Flood Catastrophe 2020 - Emergency Relief DRC (Congo)

    DRC: Kindu Flood Catastrophe 2020 - Emergency Relief

    Homes have been destroyed in the City of Kindu, DRC due to catastrophic flooding. With your help, Anglican Aid can provide emergency relief - temporary shelters and basic necessities - for the flood-destroyed city.

  • Read Community Builders Australia

    Community Builders

    Community Builders is a diverse program that puts social building blocks in place to help restore the lives of community members experiencing hardship due to poverty, unemployment, disability, illness or social/family breakdown. In partnership with Anglican Aid, Port Kembla / Warrawong Anglican Church is reaching out across seven suburbs to the south of Wollongong.

  • Read Mission to the Dublin Docklands Ireland

    Mission to the Dublin Docklands

    The Irish Church Missions Silicon Docks Project is a pioneering mission work in the radically transformed Dublin docklands, home of young IT industry professionals in thrall to the god of money and without knowledge of the God of the Bible.

  • Read The Mbuyu Foundation Uganda

    The Mbuyu Foundation

    The Mbuyu Foundation has projects all over Uganda, with the majority of its work run from the Life Centre in the heart of Katanga, one of Kampala’s largest slums. Mbuyu is the Swahili word for Boabab tree – which is the Tree of Life. The LIFE PROJECT aims to help bring life and healing to families.

  • Read Sami Nagib Brazil

    Sami Nagib

    Sami Nagib’s life focus is to share Jesus' love with others, so that they can experience the change that he has experienced. It is an honour to partner with him in his ministry with Christians from Muslim cultures, now residing in Brazil.

  • Read Shalom Pre- and Primary School (Bunda) Tanzania

    Shalom Pre- and Primary School (Bunda)

    Shalom Pre- and Primary School is an English medium school offering access to quality education for children in the rural Bunda area of Tanzania. The pre-school opened in 2014 concurrently with the Bunda Girls Secondary School. The Primary school opened in early 2018, a much-needed solution to encourage a whole-of-life education model for children who would otherwise miss out.

  • Read Damascus Church Aid Syria

    Damascus Church Aid

    Damascus Church Aid provides practical aid to hundreds of internally displaced refugees within Syria.

  • Read Seychelles – Student Bursary Seychelles

    Seychelles – Student Bursary

    The Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, has a reputation as a beautiful holiday destination. For the islands’ residents, life is not always so picturesque. Tourism has brought development and prosperity – but only for a few, and poverty is widespread. The last ordination of a minister in the Diocese of Seychelles was in 2006 and there is a real need for more trained clergy to serve God and the church in the country.

  • Read MOCLAM Latin America Latin America

    MOCLAM Latin America

    MOCLAM offers Spanish-language theological education by distance to students in 14 countries throughout Latin America and Spain, including two secure countries in the region. MOCLAM resources prepare pastors, church leaders and university staff workers for ministry.

  • Read Kajo Keji Christian College South Sudan

    Kajo Keji Christian College

    Due to the civil wars Sudan and South Sudan have faced long periods of instability, conflict and insecurity meaning theological education has been limited. Through this project four church leaders will receive formal theological training at Kajo-Keji Christian College enabling churches in the region to develop and produce competent Church Ministers to meet the tremendous growth of the church.

  • Read Berkeley Life Centre Australia

    Berkeley Life Centre

    Berkeley Life Centre (BLC), in Wollongong's southern suburbs, brings gospel hope to a community struggling with social and relationship hardship.BLC programs include the Berkeley OpShop, a Food Drop, a one-to-one visiting ministry ‘Adopt-A-Block’ and the COACH mentoring program.

  • Zimbabwe

    Glen Lorne Orphans Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe was once the major food producer for sub-Saharan Africa with a vibrant economy and good educational attainment for its children. Land redistribution and the AIDS epidemic has changed that. This project cares for orphans and destitute former farm workers in the Glen Lorne region outside the capital, Harare.

  • Read Take Flight China

    Take Flight

    The Take Flight family support centre provides counselling and support services to families living with disability so that they are empowered to keep and raise their child. In China, children with a disability account for 98% of those in orphanages. Often, parents are not aware of the therapy and treatments that are available to their children, and feeling helpless, many parents feel that abandonment is their only option. Anglican Aid is proud to partner with Take Flight.

  • Read Bishop Gwynne College South Sudan

    Bishop Gwynne College

    Bishop Gwynne College trains Christian leaders from all over South Sudan, helping to shape this country's future as a peaceful society based on Christian teaching and good governance.

  • Read Heading North Ethiopia Ethiopia

    Heading North Ethiopia

    Heading North, a ministry of the Kale Haywet Church in Ethiopia, facilitates community-led development and social change in Ethiopia through various training initiatives and the provision of water and education infrastructure.

  • Read Eagle Vale Anglican Church Community Outreach Australia

    Eagle Vale Anglican Church Community Outreach

    The outreach program of Eagle Vale Anglican Church (EVAC) aims to provide for the physical, social and spiritual needs of their community. It offers services and activities that promote and develop relationships of trust and friendship between the church and members of the community.

  • Zambia

    Hope and Faith Community School

    The Hope and Faith Community School was established to provide good quality, gospel based education to disadvantaged and vulnerable children living in a slum area (New Ngombe compound) of Lusaka city, Zambia.

  • Read Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships KenyaSouth Sudan

    Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships

    Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships provide secondary schooling to children whose families originated from Jonglei State, South Sudan, but who have been displaced through civil war and now live in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Many of these children have no knowledge of their parents’ whereabouts, or have been orphaned and rely on relatives to survive. Read more by clicking the title above.

  • Read Chainat Disabilities (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities) Thailand

    Chainat Disabilities (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities)

    CCD works in Thailand to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and to equip their caregivers with the skills and equipment they need. In providing this support, CCD demonstrates God’s love by caring not only for the children with disabilities but also their families and the community. This project is funded in partnership with The Geoff Wilson Fund.

  • Read Living Water Australia

    Living Water

    Redfern's Living Water ministry empowers and encourages Indigenous Christians to become leaders in their community.

  • Read RUTH House Indonesia

    RUTH House

    RUTH House is a ministry of Yayasan Rumah Tumbuh Harapan (a house for growing hope) in Java. In partnership with Anglican Aid, RUTH House provides a safe Christian home for young pregnant women, fleeing social isolation, abuse or ostracism because of their situation.

  • Read Faisalabad School for Peace Pakistan

    Faisalabad School for Peace

    Faisalabad School for Peace seeks to promote peace and harmony in Pakistan by creating a community where children of different religions come together to learn, play and grow.

  • Read Lily of the Valley South Africa

    Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley is a residental home and care centre for children in South Africa. These children have experienced trauma and often have intellectual or physical disabilities, are orphaned and many have HIV/AIDS. Lily of the Valley provides full-time residential care for these children and equips them with the skills to survive once they are old enough to leave.

  • Read Ministry of Mercy for Refugees Australia

    Ministry of Mercy for Refugees

    The Ministry of Mercy for Refugees at Liverpool South Anglican Church (LSAC) aims to serve vulnerable people in the community through providing immediate supplies of groceries and toiletries. Anglican Aid is proud to partner in this work. Since beginning in 2009, the ministry's scope has widened to include victims of domestic violence, people suffering from post-traumatic stress, intellectually disabled refugees, and families impacted by prison/jail time.

  • Read Jesus Club Australia

    Jesus Club

    Jesus Club is a ministry especially for people living with intellectual disabilities, that aims to make Jesus known through Bible teaching, shared experiences and genuine friendship. Anglican Aid partners with WeBelong Inc, which administers Jesus Club branches in a number of churches across Sydney.

  • Read Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA) Vietnam

    Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA)

    Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA) is an inspiring group of young Vietnamese Australians creating public awareness and raising funds for disadvantaged communities in Vietnam. Partnering with Anglican Aid, the group is working to restore and renovate a medical clinic near Qui Nhon city, on Vietnam's eastern shore. This area saw much conflict prior to 1975.

  • Read Hope Motlhope Student Centre South Africa

    Hope Motlhope Student Centre

    The construction of the Hope Motlhope Student Centre, opened in May 2019, has enabled George Whitefield College to increase the capacity of residential students and the quality of its education through the development of their campus and facilities.

  • Read AmFuture Uganda


    AmFuture is short for "I am the Future", a name that inspires hope among the young people of Uganda in a country struggling with the highest youth unemployment in Africa. AmFuture provides support and opportunities for young people to gain employment and change their future.

  • Read Intsika Community Outreach South Africa

    Intsika Community Outreach

    Intsika is the Zulu word for pillar. Intsika Community Outreach provides educational assistance and mentoring to vulnerable children in South Africa's townships.

  • Read HoneyWorld Zimbabwe


    Once an agricultural giant, Zimbabwe now relies on foreign aid to feed it's hungry population. HoneyWorld aims to improve the lives of women and other at-risk community members by involving them in the process of honey production.

  • LebanonSyria

    Good Shepherd School Lebanon

    In partnership with Anglican Aid, Good Shepherd School provides teachers, educational resources and clothing for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. There is also professional support for children suffering psychological trauma. Good Shepherd School grants children an education that will equip them for sustainable employment and stable community.

  • Read Macarthur Indigenous Reconciliation and Restoration Ministry Australia

    Macarthur Indigenous Reconciliation and Restoration Ministry

    The Macarthur Indigenous Reconciliation and Restoration Ministry works to help Indigenous people reconcile and restore their relationships, in Christian fellowship, following generations of injustice.

  • Read Bangalore Women’s Safe House India

    Bangalore Women’s Safe House

    Around 70% of women in India are victims of some form of domestic violence according to Renuka Chowdhury, former Union minister for Women and Child Development. Tasalli (a Hindi word meaning comfort or shelter), also known as the Bangalore Women's Safe House, is assisting women in India by providing proficient services to protect women subjected to violence and abuse.

  • Read Growing Hope - Women and Children’s Development Myanmar

    Growing Hope - Women and Children’s Development

    The Women’s and Children’s Development project in Myanmar seeks both to care for orphans and empower women. Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world and women and children bear the brunt of poverty and inequality.

  • Read Heart of Mercy Elementary Christian School Zimbabwe

    Heart of Mercy Elementary Christian School

    The Heart of Mercy Elementary Christian School in Zimbabwe is undergoing a transformation. Together with St Mathew's West Pennant Hills, Anglican Aid is supporting a project to improve Zimbabwe’s education system.

  • Read Victoria Memorial Hospital Pakistan

    Victoria Memorial Hospital

    The Victoria Hospital in Multan, Pakistan, caters for thousands of families who would otherwise have no access to affordable healthcare.

  • Read Bunda Bible College Tanzania

    Bunda Bible College

    Bunda Bible College is located in the rural Diocese of Mara in Tanzania's far north. Mara is on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria, and shares a long border with Kenya. Students are taught leadership and development skills to help them meet the needs of their communities.

  • Read Syrian Refugees - Where Most Needed Syria

    Syrian Refugees - Where Most Needed

    The conflict in Syria has resulted in millions of Syrians fleeing from their homes to seek refuge in neighbouring countries such as Egypt and Lebanon. Anglican Aid is working with its partners to response with the love of Jesus to the needs of these desperate people.

  • Read Adjumani Refugee Camp South Sudan

    Adjumani Refugee Camp

    Northern Uganda's Moyo District is home to a network of UNHCR camps known as Adjumani. Since the beginning of the South Sudan Civil War in December 2013, more than 220,000 people have fled to Uganda seeking safety from civil strife.

  • Read Timion Disability Counselling and Community Development South Africa

    Timion Disability Counselling and Community Development

    The Timion Counselling Project seeks to help children living with disabilities in the townships of South Africa. Timion provides therapy, customised specialised equipment and education for carers.

  • Read Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum) Uganda

    Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

    You won't read about the massacres that took place in the Kitgum region under Joseph Kony, who controlled the area for many years before fleeing Uganda for Central African Republic, but the ghosts of Kony live on. The area has been destroyed and the infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. People need to learn how to provide for themselves again.

  • Read Green Pastures Hospital, Nepal Nepal

    Green Pastures Hospital, Nepal

    Anglican Aid supports Green Pastures Hospital to respond to Coronavirus with an isolation unit, training for staff, hand sanitizer, face masks, and humanitarian relief for the communities who are unable to work due to lockdown. This follows our ongoing relief and development effort in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake.

  • Read BERTH Community Development Philippines

    BERTH Community Development

    The Bamboo Earth Homes Project (BERTH) is a non-profit organisation aimed at assisting very low income families in the Philippines to acquire a home.

  • Read Egg a Day Rwanda

    Egg a Day

    What if the humble egg could... end child hunger? make kids smarter, taller and stronger? provide jobs for the unemployed?

  • Read Break the Cycle - Glenquarie Anglican Church Australia

    Break the Cycle - Glenquarie Anglican Church

    Glenquarie's Break the Cycle community care program offers support and pastoral care through the employment of a Community Chaplain, working with the community to 'break the cycle' of poor choices.

  • Australia

    Scarred Tree - Glebe Anglican Church

    The Scarred Tree project of St John’s Glebe and Anglican Aid brings Indigenous Australians, many of them scarred by trauma, exclusion and injustice, into a Christian community of love and reconciliation.

  • Read One4Life - South Sydney Anglican Church Australia

    One4Life - South Sydney Anglican Church

    The One4Life program supports people living in the Redfern/Waterloo areas as they strive for better living habits by establishing healthy, positive relationships in a loving environment.

  • Read Zambia’s Child Zambia

    Zambia’s Child

    In Zambia’s Kasompe and Bulangililo districts, over half the population are illiterate and live below the poverty line. Most people are unable to send their children to primary or high school or later to tertiary schools. Most children drop out of school and end up on the streets, as they cannot afford to learn income-generating skills.

  • Read All Saints Community Care - Nowra Anglican Church Australia

    All Saints Community Care - Nowra Anglican Church

    All Saints Community Care (ASCC) provides emergency relief assistance to those in the Shoalhaven community who are financially vulnerable or in difficult times.

  • Read Community Life - Pitt Town Anglican Church Australia

    Community Life - Pitt Town Anglican Church

    The Community Life project, in Sydney’s outer-west, supports families in the Pitt Town area and helps to enrich community life for all and a strong connection with Pitt Town Anglican Church.

  • Read St John’s Darlinghurst Community Services Australia

    St John’s Darlinghurst Community Services

    Rough Edges and the Community Assistance and Partnership Program (CAPP) are initiatives of St John’s Darlinghurst, supported by Anglican Aid, to serve the King’s Cross community with a focus on the disadvantaged, homeless or at risk of homelessness.

  • Read Bookworms Reading Group - South Coogee Anglican Church Australia

    Bookworms Reading Group - South Coogee Anglican Church

    Anglican Aid partners with South Coogee Anglican Church on the Bookworms reading program which aims to improve the literacy of K–6 children living in local public housing. This important connection between family, school and church engages children and builds community.

  • Read Lunch and Leisure Club - Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church Australia

    Lunch and Leisure Club - Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church

    Anglican Aid and Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church support people in the local community through Riverwood Lunch and Leisure Club which promotes connection, safety and inclusion for those living with mental illness, experiencing social isolation or struggling with the activities of daily living.

  • Read Community Connect - Sadleir Anglican Church Australia

    Community Connect - Sadleir Anglican Church

    Anglican Aid partners with St Mark’s Anglican Sadleir to provide support to members of this diverse community almost 40km south-west of the Sydney CBD.

  • Read Karagwe Disabilities Project Tanzania

    Karagwe Disabilities Project

    Anglican Aid works with the Anglican Church of Tanzania to support disabled children in Karagwe through income generation, education and promoting social inclusion.

  • Read Umthombo weMpilo South Africa

    Umthombo weMpilo

    Hillbrow, Johannesburg, is one of the most densely populated places in South Africa, known for violence, crime, extreme poverty and – especially – enslavement of women. Unless paying a visit to one of the suburb’s many brothels, locals and visitors alike avoid the area at all costs.

  • Read Projek Bali Families Indonesia

    Projek Bali Families

    Anglican Aid has partnered with the Widhya Asih Foundation since 2011, caring for disadvantaged children and their families across six centres in Bali. With a renewed focus on Family-Based Care (FBC), the Widhya Asih centre at Singaraja is piloting a project with local families in need of support, often referred by the local church.

  • Read Eye Openers India

    Eye Openers

    The Eye Openers Opthalmology Program aims to improve the health and livelihood of poor village people in India. The purpose is to improve the sight of people surgically and with eye drops and spectacles and to promote their independence.

  • Read Anugrah Disabilities India

    Anugrah Disabilities

    This program aims to improve intervention for children with disabilities, to carry out rehabilitation and education and to encourage inclusion in the community of people with disabilities.

  • Read Refuge Egypt Egypt

    Refuge Egypt

    Anglican Aid, in partnership with Refuge Egypt (RE), supports refugees and asylum seekers taking refuge in Egypt due to war or disaster in their country of origin.

  • Read Alexandria School of Theology Bursaries Egypt

    Alexandria School of Theology Bursaries

    Anglican Aid and the Alexandria School of Theology (AST) are working together to train Christian leaders, clergy and lay people to serve Christ and His Church in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Anglican Aid is currently supporting five students as they undertake a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies.

  • Read Community Leadership  in the DRC (Congo) DRC (Congo)

    Community Leadership in the DRC (Congo)

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is home to three wonderful projects that Anglican Aid supports to train of men and women for leadership.