Projects we support in Anglican Aid

Anglican Aid provides assistance to vulnerable communities in Australia and Overseas. Gifts are tax deductible.

  • Read Lake Rukwa Leadership Development

    Lake Rukwa Leadership Development

    Anglican Aid partners with the Diocese of Lake Rukwa to support an annual training course to strengthen senior clergy, based on Moore College’s PTC subjects. Anglican Aid supports ten delegates’ travel expenses, accommodation, food, and resource materials.

  • Read DRC: Kindu Flood Catastrophe 2020 - Emergency Relief

    DRC: Kindu Flood Catastrophe 2020 - Emergency Relief

    Homes have been destroyed in the City of Kindu, DRC due to catastrophic flooding. With your help, Anglican Aid can provide emergency relief - temporary shelters and basic necessities - for the flood-destroyed city.

  • Read Guildford Refugee Outreach

    Guildford Refugee Outreach

    This project seeks to connect with women from other cultures that are often feeling disconnected. Many local women are Afghani, Iraqi or Kurdish and struggle to be comfortable in their new life in Australia. Already about 20 women plus children are in contact with the church at Guildford with Villawood, through ESL, after-school kids' group, playgroup and assistance with food etc. A dedicated worker provides more individualised personal contact, pastoral care, financial management tips and life planning.

  • Read Taveuni Fishing Livelihoods

    Taveuni Fishing Livelihoods

    Through Anglican Aid, the Taveuni Methodist Church has purchased and registered two boats to provide a means of self-employment for the youth who will pay a small fee to use them. The aim is that users will be able to earn an income, saving enough money from fishing to purchase their own boats in the future.

  • Read Lawn Care

    Lawn Care

    Lawn Care 'n' Love is a simple service to community members experiencing hardship due to poverty, unemployment, disability, illness or social/family breakdown. The team from Port Kembla / Warrawong Anglican Church mows lawns and helps with yard clearing for free. All the team asks for in return is the opportunity to pray for those they help.

  • Read Madagascar PTC training

    Madagascar PTC training

    Anglican Aid’s Overseas Ministry Fund provides financial support for students from developing countries to attend Bible training events like the Moore College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) training events to be held in Madagascar. The PTC training offers an ideal resource for strengthening clergy competence and materials for training lay people leading their congregations. 

  • Read Damascus Church Aid

    Damascus Church Aid

    Damascus Church Aid provides practical aid to hundreds of internally displaced refugees within Syria.

  • Read Kajo Keji Christian College

    Kajo Keji Christian College

    Due to the civil wars Sudan and South Sudan have faced long periods of instability, conflict and insecurity meaning theological education has been limited. Through this project four church leaders will receive formal theological training at Kajo-Keji Christian College enabling churches in the region to develop and produce competent Church Ministers to meet the tremendous growth of the church.

  • Read Berkeley Life Centre

    Berkeley Life Centre

    Berkeley Life Centre (BLC) exists to bring the hope of the gospel to a community struggling with social and relationship hardship. BLC is running a number of programs to reach out into the community with a helping hand and the gospel message, these include: the Berkeley OpShop, a Food Drop, a one-to-one visiting ministry ‘Adopt-A-Block’ and the COACH mentoring program.

  • Glen Lorne Orphans Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe was once the major food producer for sub-Saharan Africa with a vibrant economy and good educational attainment for its children. Land redistribution and the AIDS epidemic has changed that. This project cares for orphans and destitute former farm workers in the Glen Lorne region outside the capital, Harare.

  • Read Bishop Gwynne College

    Bishop Gwynne College

    Bishop Gwynne College trains Christian leaders from all over South Sudan, helping to shape this country's future as a peaceful society based on Christian teaching and good governance.

  • Read Heading North Ethiopia

    Heading North Ethiopia

    Heading North, a ministry of the Kale Haywet Church in Ethiopia, facilitates community-led development and social change in Ethiopia through various training initiatives and the provision of water and education infrastructure.

  • Read Eagle Vale Anglican Church Community Outreach

    Eagle Vale Anglican Church Community Outreach

    The outreach program of Eagle Vale Anglican Church (EVAC) aims to provide for the physical, social and spiritual needs of their community. They offer services and activities aimed at promoting and developing relationships of trust and friendship between the church and members of the community.

  • Hope and Faith Community School

    The Hope and Faith Community School was established to provide good quality, gospel based education to disadvantaged and vulnerable children living in a slum area (New Ngombe compound) of Lusaka city, Zambia.

  • Read Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships

    Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships

    Lost Children of Jonglei Scholarships provide secondary schooling to children whose families originated from Jonglei State, South Sudan, but who have been displaced through civil war and now live in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Many of these children have no knowledge of their parents’ whereabouts, or have been orphaned and rely on relatives to survive. Read more by clicking the title above.

  • Read Chappo and Hope Bursaries

    Chappo and Hope Bursaries

    Developing leaders in Africa is a challenge for many potential leaders who may have the ability to study and return to isolated communities to provide leadership. A gift to the Chappo and Hope bursary fund will provide opportunities for students from sub-Saharan Africa to be supported to study in South Africa and other countries which have programs to develop indigenous leaders.

  • Read Chainat Disabilities (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities)

    Chainat Disabilities (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities)

    CCD works in Thailand to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and to equip their caregivers with the skills and equipment they need. In providing this support, CCD demonstrates God’s love by caring not only for the children with disabilities but also their families and the community. This project is funded in partnership with The Geoff Wilson Fund.

  • Read Living Water

    Living Water

    Living Water is a ministry to empower and encourage members of the Indigenous community in Redfern to become leaders.

  • Read RUTH House (Yayasan Rumah Tumbuh Harapan)

    RUTH House (Yayasan Rumah Tumbuh Harapan)

    Ruth House provides women a safe and supportive environment to help support women through unplanned pregnancies in Indonesia.

  • Read Faisalabad School for Peace

    Faisalabad School for Peace

    Faisalabad School for Peace seeks to promote peace and harmony in Pakistan by creating a community where children of different religions come together to learn, play and grow.

  • Read Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley is a residental home and care centre for children in South Africa. These children have experienced trauma and often have intellectual or physical disabilities, are orphaned and many have HIV/AIDS. Lily of the Valley provides full-time residential care for these children and equips them with the skills to survive once they are old enough to leave.

  • Read WeBelong Inc supporting Jesus Clubs

    WeBelong Inc supporting Jesus Clubs

    Jesus Club is a ministry for people with intellectual disabilities that aims to make Jesus known through Bible teaching and genuine friendship.

  • Read Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA)

    Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA)

    Viet-Aust Bac Ai Association (VABAA) was formed by a group of young Vietnamese Australians to create public awareness and raise funds for disadvantaged communities in Vietnam.

  • Read Hope Motlhope Student Centre

    Hope Motlhope Student Centre

    The construction of the Hope Motlhope Student Centre, opened in May 2019, has enabled George Whitefield College to increase the capacity of residential students and the quality of its education through the development of their campus and facilities.

  • Read AmFuture


    AmFuture is short for "I am the Future", a name that inspires hope among the young people of Uganda in a country struggling with the highest youth unemployment in Africa. AmFuture provides support and opportunities for young people to gain employment and change their future.