Projects we support in Overseas Development

Overseas Development provides assistance to overseas projects subject to the Australian Council for International Development Code of Conduct. Gifts are tax deductible.

  • Read Take Flight

    Take Flight

    The Take Flight family support centre provides counselling and support services to families living with disability so that they are empowered to keep and raise their child. In China, children with a disability account for 98% of those in orphanages. Often, parents are not aware of the therapy and treatments that are available to their children, and feeling helpless, many parents feel that abandonment is their only option. Anglican Aid is proud to partner with Take Flight.

  • Read HoneyWorld


    Once an agricultural giant, Zimbabwe now relies on foreign aid to feed it's hungry population. HoneyWorld aims to improve the lives of women and other at-risk community members by involving them in the process of honey production.

  • Read Victoria Memorial Hospital

    Victoria Memorial Hospital

    The Victoria Hospital in Multan, Pakistan, caters for thousands of families who would otherwise have no access to affordable healthcare.

  • Read Timion Disability Counselling and Community Development

    Timion Disability Counselling and Community Development

    The Timion Counselling Project seeks to help children living with disabilities in the townships of South Africa. Timion provides therapy, customised specialised equipment and education for carers.

  • Read Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

    Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

    You won't read about the massacres that took place in the Kitgum region under Joseph Kony, who controlled the area for many years before fleeing Uganda for Central African Republic, but the ghosts of Kony live on. The area has been destroyed and the infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. People need to learn how to provide for themselves again.

  • Read Green Pastures Hospital, Nepal

    Green Pastures Hospital, Nepal

    Anglican Aid supports Green Pastures Hospital to respond to Coronavirus with an isolation unit, training for staff, hand sanitizer, face masks, and humanitarian relief for the communities who are unable to work due to lockdown. This follows our ongoing relief and development effort in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake.

  • Read Egg a Day

    Egg a Day

    What if the humble egg could... end child hunger? make kids smarter, taller and stronger? provide jobs for the unemployed?

  • Read Zambia’s Child

    Zambia’s Child

    In Zambia’s Kasompe and Bulangililo districts, over half the population are illiterate and live below the poverty line. Most people are unable to send their children to primary or high school or later to tertiary schools. Most children drop out of school and end up on the streets, as they cannot afford to learn income-generating skills.

  • Read Karagwe Disabilities Project

    Karagwe Disabilities Project

    Anglican Aid works with the Anglican Church of Tanzania to support disabled children in Karagwe through income generation, education and promoting social inclusion.

  • Read Umthombo weMpilo

    Umthombo weMpilo

    Hillbrow, Johannesburg, is one of the most densely populated places in South Africa, known for violence, crime, extreme poverty and – especially – enslavement of women. Unless paying a visit to one of the suburb’s many brothels, locals and visitors alike avoid the area at all costs.

  • Read Anugrah Disabilities

    Anugrah Disabilities

    This program aims to improve intervention for children with disabilities, to carry out rehabilitation and education and to encourage inclusion in the community of people with disabilities.

  • Read Refuge Egypt

    Refuge Egypt

    Anglican Aid, in partnership with Refuge Egypt (RE), supports refugees and asylum seekers taking refuge in Egypt due to war or disaster in their country of origin.