Projects we support in Ethiopia

  • Read Gambella Anglican Centre

    Gambella Anglican Centre

    The Anglican Centre in Gambella is a multi-use community centre that serves the needs of the surrounding community. The region is often in drought so in order to maintain a reliable water source, Anglican Aid is providing the Centre with water tanks, a pump and a latrine block.

  • Read Ethiopia Famine Relief Appeal

    Ethiopia Famine Relief Appeal

    Northern Ethiopia is in the grip of the worst famine to hit the region in fifty years. Up to 20 million people are expected to be affected by severe acute food insecurity. This would make Ethiopian people the most acutely food insecure population in the world…

  • Read Gambella Bible College

    Gambella Bible College

    Named after the first Bishop of the Church in Ethiopia, the St. Frumentius Anglican Theological College (also known as Gambella Bible College) opened in June 2015 on the grounds of the Gambella Anglican Centre.

  • Read Child Survival Project

    Child Survival Project

    Anglican Aid is partnering with the local Mothers’ Union in a new project to improve conditions in the region.