Projects we support in Tanzania

  • Read Buhemba Community Food Sustainability Project

    Buhemba Community Food Sustainability Project

    This project uses Diocese-owned farmland at the Buhemba Rural Agricultural Centre for the production of maize, beans and sunflowers. The produce is intended for local markets and local consumption. The project improves the local community’s well-being by improving local farming methods, developing local income generating skills and knowledge, and increasing the food supply of local markets. The project also generates income for the Diocese, which is used in its development work.

  • Read Bunda Bible College

    Bunda Bible College

    Bunda Bible College is a rural Bible College located in the Diocese of Mara. Students are taught leadership and development skills to help them meet the needs of their communities.

  • Read Lake Rukwa Clergy Training

    Lake Rukwa Clergy Training

    Lake Rukwa is a young Anglican Diocese in south-western Tanzania, formed in 2010. It seeks to serve a significant growth area in Tanzania. People from many different parts of Tanzania and from many tribal backgrounds are moving into the area looking for both land and opportunity.

  • Read Bunda Girls Secondary School

    Bunda Girls Secondary School

    In Tanzania, selection of pupils from primary schools to enter secondary education is very competitive. Girls’ performance is lower than that of boys due to the extra household duties girls are expected to complete, which deny them time to concentrate on studies.

  • Read Buigiri Braille School

    Buigiri Braille School

    Buigiri School for the Blind has an outstanding track record in Tanzania’s national examinations for pupils graduating from primary education. However, the school lacks the resources and funds to properly care for children with visual impairment.

  • Read Karagwe Disabilities Project

    Karagwe Disabilities Project

    Anglican Aid works with the Anglican Church of Tanzania to support disabled children in Karagwe in Tanzania through income generation, education and promoting social inclusion.

  • Read Mara Young Men’s Vocational Training

    Mara Young Men’s Vocational Training

    In the Mara region of Tanzania, youth unemployment is high and many struggle to meet their daily needs, especially when crops fail. Mara Young Men's Vocational Training provides young men with skills in carpentry in order to increase their income generating capacity and lift them and their families out of poverty.