Projects we support in Uganda

  • Read The Mbuyu Foundation

    The Mbuyu Foundation

    The Mbuyu Foundation has projects all over Uganda, with the majority of its work run from the Life Centre in the heart of Katanga, one of Kampala’s largest slums. Mbuyu is the Swahili word for Boabab tree – which is the Tree of Life. The LIFE PROJECT aims to help bring life and healing to families.

  • Read AmFuture


    AmFuture is short for "I am the Future", a name that inspires hope among the young people of Uganda in a country struggling with the highest youth unemployment in Africa. AmFuture provides support and opportunities for young people to gain employment and change their future.

  • Read Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

    Sustainable Livelihoods (Kitgum)

    You won't read about the massacres that took place in the Kitgum region under Joseph Kony, who controlled the area for many years before fleeing Uganda for Central African Republic, but the ghosts of Kony live on. The area has been destroyed and the infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. People need to learn how to provide for themselves again.