Projects we support in Zambia

  • Read Hope and Faith Community School

    Hope and Faith Community School

    The Hope and Faith Community School was established to provide good quality, gospel based education to disadvantaged and vulnerable children living in a slum area (New Ngombe compound) of Lusaka city, Zambia.

  • Tokidz

    Whilst the education system in Zambia has improved in recent years due to the Government's introduction of free primary school education, 47% of children are still struggling to finish primary school due to under-staffed and under-resourced schools. Tokidz is an e-learning system design to provide children with affordable elearning resources to raise their educational standards.

  • Read Zambia’s Child

    Zambia’s Child

    In Zambia’s Kasompe and Bulangililo districts, over half the population are illiterate and live below the poverty line. Most people are unable to send their children to primary or high school and later to tertiary schools. Most children drop out of school and end up on the streets, as they cannot afford to learn income-generating skills.