• Grief over passing of Congo Bishop Désiré Mukanirwa from COVID-19

    13th July, 20

    Anglican Aid’s project partner in Democratic Republic of the Congo and father of four Bishop Désiré Mukanirwa has passed away from COVID-19, after falling ill two weeks ago. 

    “We are deeply grieved to learn of Bishop Désiré Mukanirwa’s sickness and death from Coronavirus,” said Anglican Aid CEO Canon Tim Swan. “His passing brings into focus the troubling reality of the pandemic in developing nations. This virus has brought to a sudden end the life of a beloved and vital church leader in the Congo, alongside many other precious lives.”

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  • Anglican Aid CEO appointed Honorary Canon of St. Andrew’s Cathedral

    5th July, 20

    The Rev. Tim Swan, CEO of The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid, has been made an Honorary Canon of St. Andrew’s Cathedral by Archbishop Glenn Davies in recognition of Tim's service in the Dioceses of Sydney and Chile and his role in Anglican Aid.

    Canon Swan joins an esteemed group representing significant ministries in Sydney and further afield, including most recently Canon Daniel Willis (2018) and Canon Simon Manchester (2019).

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  • We need radical ministries that demonstrate true welcome

    16th June, 20

    Author: Tim Swan, CEO

    In the centre of Sydney, protesters have gathered for the past two weeks. Once unremarkable, during a nervous time of social distancing it is a bold (perhaps unwise or worse) indication that parts of our society are desperate to be heard.

    The subjects of the rallies were different but the questions were the same: Are we equal? Are we all entitled to the same privileges? Are we all welcome?  Christians have the honour of being able to say, Yes. In Christ we are those and more. (In the world the answers are much less positive.)

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  • Amidst race-related protests, Anglican Aid CEO urges Christians to support Indigenous ministry

    5th June, 20

    As voices rise calling for better outcomes for Indigenous Australians, Anglican Aid CEO Rev Tim Swan commends to your consideration supporting Christian, grass-roots reconciliation and restoration programs here in Sydney. Led by Rev Matt Paterson, Redfern's Living Waters church runs a variety of activities including youth mentoring, prison visits, and community events.

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  • WATCH: Archbishop Glenn Davies introduces Tim Swan

    29th May, 20

    “I'm particularly excited to introduce to you the Reverend Tim Swan….and I thought it would be good for you to meet him,” begins Archbishop Glenn Davies. “Tim I first knew as a missionary in Chile; he spent ten years there with CMS. He understands what it's like to see the developing world and how the needs for resources are so important.” See the full video.

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  • When revenge killings drop by 95% ...

    18th May, 20

    Heading North has seen dramatic changes in local culture, practices and relationships since first partnering with Anglican Aid in 2015.

    A ministry of the Kale Haywet Church in Ethiopia, Heading North facilitates community-led development and social change in Ethiopia through various training initiatives and the provision of water and education infrastructure. And they are saving lives as a result.

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  • Learning from Paul’s priorities

    7th May, 20

    New CEO joins Anglican Aid team

    In marriage and in employment, the wise have said, 'Start as you mean to go on'.

    Well, a couple of hours into his first day as Anglican Aid’s CEO, the Rev. Tim Swan opened the Bible with the staff team at our weekly meeting, continuing the pattern set by former CEO, the Rev. David Mansfield. Anglican Aid is blessed to have had well-trained Bible-based leaders, just as we pray our projects in Australia and overseas will always have.

    This photo shows Tim with some of the Anglican Aid team, during Kelvin Adiema's visit in March 2020.

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