• Indonesia - Sulawesi Tsunami Appeal

    5th October, 18

    The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has launched an appeal for the victims of the Indonesian Tsunami that struck the coast of the region of Central Sulawesi during the last week. Many people are injured and homeless, as of now, the death toll is over 2000 people, and the need for aid, prayer and support is great. 

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  • What Does a Drought in Australia Look like

    27th September, 18

    Anglican Aid is generally supporting communities around the world in developing their communities or responsing to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. In 2017 the drought in Northern Kenya came to the attention of Anglican Aid and through our generous supporters we were able to provide assistance. A visit to Marsabit highlighted the sheer scale and devastation for the many nomadic communities which had lost entire herds of stock.

    What does a drought in Australia actually look like? Through your support we have raised over $325,000 and are distributing the funds through rural Anglican dioceses in NSW. The following story from Tory Cayzer, the minister at Walgett and Collarenebri Anglican Churches in northwestern NSW paints the picture that will help you to pray as you become aware of the impacts on farming families. Read More

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  • South Sudanese Refugees look forward to Peace

    25th September, 18

    In 2017 Anglican Aid commenced supporting the Anglican Diocese of Kajo Keji in exile in Uganda and was able to visit and meet Bishop Emmanuel later in the year. The recent signing of a peace deal has sparked hopes, as previously that the long conflict may end. Let us pray this is so. The following story is from ACNS.
    Anglicans in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s Diocese of Kajo-Keji are praying about a return to South Sudan, after operating in exile in Ugandan refugee camps for a number of years. But the Bishop of the Diocese, Emmanuel Murye, says that past experience of failed peace initiatives is creating doubt in the minds of the exiled.
    (Sidebar photo - Bishop Emmanuel at a makeshift school in Belameling Refugee Camp, Northern Uganda 2017 - Anglican Aid photo)

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  • Water for Zambia school

    18th September, 18

    So the staff of the school in Zambia and their supporters in Australia decided to fundraise for water themselves​... Read more

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  • Sydney Anglicans Launch Indian Flood Appeal

    23rd August, 18

    Monsoonal rains in southern Indian state of Kerala have led to rivers and dams bursting, triggering devastating flooding and landslides. More than 400 people have been killed and over 800,000 people displaced with several thousands of people still trapped in the worst-hit areas.


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  • Sydney Anglicans Support Drought Affected Communities

    31st July, 18

    A public appeal to help rural churches in regional NSW and southern Queensland assist their communities will focus on providing practial support to people affected by the drought.

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  • A great story of how #waterworks2018 responded to a cholera outbreak (DRC)

    9th July, 18

    The cholera outbreak resulted in an emergency request for Waterworks for a Thirsty World to send funds immediately... Read more

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