An egg a day keeps malnutition away

The humble hen egg is proving its worth in the Anglican Diocese of Shyira, Rwanda, where the One Egg a Day program has helped overcome malnutrition in pre-school children.

In a recent report to the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid, which provides funds for the program, Shyiya Diocese education co-ordinator the Rev Christophe Nshimyimana, said:

“This partnership is enabling us to address the issue of health stemming from bad eating habits and the lack of access to the right foods.The one egg per child is contributing to a balanced diet that results in a healthier lifestyle and provides a more wholesome environment for our children to learn and grow.”

With the goal of promoting physical and mental development in children aged 3-6 years, eggs are distributed in four pre-schools.

 A second goal is to promote social development: through games and playing, children learn how to socialise and live with others. Improved social readiness, hygiene and cleanliness are other benefits


             Testimonies from parents in the Diocese of Shyira:  

“My name is Nzabandora and I live in Nyakinama Village. I’m a cultivator in the community where I live and it is always a struggle to get enough food for my family. Because of this, one of my children, Alphonsine, developed malnutrition issues. Before the One Egg program started at Nyakinama pre-school, my little girl was often sick and could not attend school regularly. From the time children started to eat eggs at school, the health status of my girl started to improve until she was completely healed and got strength to study. Not only has her health improved, but also her school attendance. Now I praise God for generous people who are supporting our kids to get eggs that have a positive impact on their lives.”


“My name is Mukeshimana Theodosie; my child’s name is Iranzi Aime Prince, a student at Nyakinama II pre-school. I am praising God for the support of eggs that are being provided to our children. My child had undernourishment problems and stunting but from the time the

One Egg program started, my child’s health conditions improved.”


“We, Musabyimana Mathias and Nyirasafari Selelina, parents of Ituze Nabi, a student at Nyakinama II pre-school, thank God for One Egg support by the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid. Our child is experiencing physical growth that is good and pleasant to us as parents. He is also a motivated student at school.”

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