Donation of Bibles to Pakistan - Celebrating 200 years of the Bible Society (Australia)

The Bible Society of Australia was inaugurated at the instigation of Governor Lachlan Macquarie in Sydney on 7 March 1817. The first Australasian translation was a selection of Scripture selections in the Maori language printed in 1827. The Bible Society is the oldest continually operating organisation in Australia, predating the Bank of NSW (now Westpac) by a month.

The Miracle Ministries is an established Anglican Aid partner which supports indigent children and their families in Pakistan, through the Exodus 5 Project. A school on the brick kilns educates children of bonded slaves who are Christians. Another school in the city supports 400 orphans or disadvantaged children with free education. Co-founder Angela Michael on a recent visit to Australia explained that "We do not want to provide education without faith. That is like putting books on a donkey. We want these poor cultural Christians to come to know Christ." Anglican Aid's provision of Bibles to 150 students will be the first Bible any of the families in these communities have owned. As most families earn less than $3 a day, it is likely that they will never be able to purchase their own Bibles otherwise. Through Miracle Schools these children can read the Bible and read it to their families (most of whom are illiterate). The presentation of the Bibles will be made as part of school's Easter 2017 celebration. 

Photo of an Urdu Bible like the ones being provided to Miracle School Children. This Bible was used by Angela Michael's grandmother who was an evangelist in Iraq and Iran.

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