Exciting Times at Anugrah

October of 2017 was the beginning of a very exciting time for Anugrah Disabilities (India), as it marked the completion of a new three-storey training centre that is completely accessible to people with disabilities.

The training centre includes a wood and metal workshop where attendees can be trained on how to use the equipment and equipped with vocational skills, in a safe and monitored environment. The training also focuses on teaching good work habits and social skills for the work place. The idea is to then help people transition into real life work situations, at first, with direct supervision, then progressing to minimal support, to provide as much independence as possible. The training centre also enables Anugrah to be able to create different types of equipment to help with a wide-range of needs and people. The training centre has enough space to accommodate whole families, where they can stay to receive care and training. 













In 2017, for the first time, Anugrah offered a one month (as opposed to two days) long internship program called ‘Road to Emmaus’ to help prepare members of local churches and volunteers with the skills and attitudes needed to best serve the families at their annual retreat for families affected by disability. 

In recent years Anugrah has been participating in a movement that seeks to see attitudes, stigmas and practices towards people living with disabilities in both disability providers and churches, across India, change. Anugrah has been working closely with local churches, encouraging churches to understand the importance and dignity of people living with disabilities, to see them the way God sees them. 

As a part this advocacy work, many of the people Anugrah works with conducted events throughout the year to raise awareness. For instance, they conducted the first ever talent show in the region, which helped to showcase all of their abilities, rather than always focusing on their disabilities. 

These examples of the work God is accomplishing, make for a very exciting future for Anugrah.

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