Introducing Anglican Aid’s Global Ambassadors!

Anglican Aid's Global Ambassadors are an international team of men and women who are strong in their commitment to Christ and passionate about raising awareness for Anglican Aid's work.

Here is a brief overview of our ambassadors:

Angela Michael is the co-founder of Miracle School Ministries which provides free education for children enslaved in brick kilns in Pakistan. Angela visited Australia in 2016 and spoke at many churches and schools about the work of Miracle School Ministries in smashing cycles of intergenerational slavery in Pakistan through education.

Rory Steyn was Nelson Mandela's Chief Bodyguard from 1996 to 1999. Rory Steyn has spoken at many of Anglican Aid's events in the past about his time protecting South Africa's most famous president and of his conversion to Christ.

Ande Titre is the Bishop of the Aru Diocese in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With Anglican Aid's support, Bishop Ande provides leadership for development projects within the Aru Diocese and theological education in the Congolese Church nationaly.  

Henry Olonga was the first black cricketer to play for the Zimbabwean cricket team, debuting in 1995. His international career came to an end in 2003 after Olonga and one of his team mates wore a black armband to "mourn the death of democracy" in Zimbabwe under the government of Robert Mugabe. 

Kanishka Raffel bacame the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral in 2016. Kanishka was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. Whilst studying law at Sydney University a friend gave him John's Gospel and he subsequently became a Christian.

Jann Robinson was appointed Principal to St Luke's Grammar School in 2005. She is a Senior Educator within the Diocese of Sydney and is passionate about encouraging her students to become responsible global citizens who see the world through Christ's eyes.

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