Searching for higher ground

More than two months since the Nile flooded parts of Jonglei State, impacting multiple dioceses and thousands of people, the Rev. Samuel Majok has reported that things are not improving at all. 

“The water level is still too high. More than 200,000 people have migrated south, near higher ground at Mongalla,” he said. “They have travelled for at least a month by small canoe, plastic sheets or on foot.”

Samuel is in regular contact with those in the midst of this disaster.

“Children and old people are most at risk. There are no hospitals,” he said. “Some relatives in the US have sent basic medical supplies which are laid out on plastic sheeting and people take what they need.”

Humanitarian aid has not reached the flood victims because Covid-19 has greatly restricted movement and resources, particularly in remote areas. 

In partnership with Samuel Majok and Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan, Anglican Aid's Jonglei Flood Appeal provides food, plastic sheets and mosquito nets.

“So far we have raised $44,000 - we are aiming for $60,000,” Samuel said. “Thank you so much to those who have already given. Please keep praying.”

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