Waterworks funds water in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and more

What an awesome effort!  Together, we’ve raised more than $230,000 to support Waterworks in this Thirsty World. From doing the water only or water ration challenges to doing a car wash, from doing a swimming challenge to hosting dinner events, churches, schools, organisations and individuals (both young and old) have rallied to give water to this thirsty world.

The money is reaching the intended beneficiaries. In Pakistan, we've constructed seven water tanks (pictured below). Each water tank will provide for up to 130 families (400 adults, 650 children). That means that around 7350 individuals now have access to disease free water.  In Tanzania, a bore hole and a water system for a safe house for women fleeing female genital mutilation has been constructed to ensure that 245 girls will not have to travel dangerous distances to access safe water. In Northern Ethiopia we are supporting a watershed management, to protect the local water supply from contamination to support 15,000 people from the Yellen, Teren, Biliya communities. They have also built a water well with multiple access points for people to use (pictured below)  While in Zimbabwe, a bore hole has been constructed to support 7005 individuals, covering 7 school areas. Prior to this, villagers had to draw water from shallow wells about  10kms away.  This is just a quick snapshot on how we are spending the money you’ve raised. We are also supporting water and hygiene education in Rwanda and Ethiopia, water bore hole in India for orphanages, agricultural programmes in the Congo, Uganda, and Indonesia.  We will give you more updates and images as our various water projects are completed.

As well as raising money, our aim through this campaign is to promote Christian charity, aid and development, and water awareness. Our Anglican Aid Global Ambassadors promoted our water campaign in February and April in many churches, schools and organisations. Our Anglican Aid staff were also invited by various organization to give presentations and talks on water needs and our various projects. Please contact us if you want one of our representatives to come to your organization.

Waterworks is not over for 2017.  Some schools and churches have indicated that they will be fundraising in the latter half of the year. We gratefully acknowledge that the success of this campaign is driven by the enthusiasm of our supporters. Waterworks continues throughout 2017, and we will be launching Waterworks on 10th-18th  March 2018. Please put us in your calendar and fundraise for us! If you have any questions, please contact us on info@waterworks.org.au or ring 02 9284 1406.

Waterworks for a Thirsty World

Pictured: A man builds one of seven tanks for people living on brick kilns in Pakistan.

Pictured: A girl fills up her water containers at one of the many access points for the new well in Northern Ethiopia.

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