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A new English Primary School is opening in Tanzania to provide quality education for rural children

A new English medium primary school is opening in Tanzania to enable children from a rural area to get a quality education, which previously has been an out of reach dream.

It is very exciting to see the planning coming to fruition with the opening of the Shalom Pre and Primary School in Bunda on track for the first intake of students on January 8th 2018.  Please keep reading and find out how you can help make this dream a reality for some of the children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This school will fill the gap between the existing Shalom Kindergarten and the Bunda Girls Secondary School, both of which began in 2014.







​Shalom Kindergarten graduates 2017 eager to join Shalom Primary School 2018


The first Form 4 graduation was a wonderful celebration at BGSS.  Amongst the graduates were Suzana, Ester and Judy, who all were enabled to complete their studies from the generosity of bursaries from supporters in Australia.  Many thanks to all who contributed to their school fees and to  other girls who have completed or are continuing their studies.  These Form 4 students are all anxiously (but confidently) waiting for their results and then to hear their placements for higher studies – either Form 5 in a government school or to a career based college.  As our founding students they are a special group and we are thankful for their great achievement.









The Bunda Girls Secondary School is also leading the way in Tanzania with its introduction of its own Behaviour Management Policy which was officially launched at the recent Board Meeting.  This was a very  significant event marking the end of any kind of corporal punishment and introducing positive methods of reinforcing and encouraging responsible respectful behaviour.  This marks us as a unique school in Tanzania where corporal punishment is the norm.  It is a big shift for both teachers and parents to embrace. 














​Staff of BGSS attend a Behaviour Management Seminar led by a team from St John's University in Dodoma


As the building program has continued BGSS is also leading the way in its modern facilities – the latest additions being the equipping of the science labs, a new kitchen with fuel efficient stoves and a dispensary to be opened in 2018 which will care for the students, but also be an income generating project providing medical service to the neighbouring village.  2018 will see the construction of more staff houses and the IT block. 
















2018 will see BGSS with its maximum capacity of students - 360 girls in Forms 1 to 4.  Please consider sponsoring a BGSS student who would otherwise not be able to come to the school.  You will get a student profile and regular updates.  The cost for one year is $1,000.00 AUD.  Please contact Anglican Aid (enquiries@anglicanaid.org.au or 02 9284 1406) and they will be able to facilitate your gift.  100% of your gift will be transferred to BGSS for school fees of your student. 


The Shalom Kindergarten has also been in existence for 4 years.  From the beginning the cry of the parents was that we should open a Primary School so they could continue with their education.  It seemed a dream but now that dream has become a reality.  The Shalom Pre and Primary School will bridge the gap between the Shalom Kindergarten and the Bunda Girls Secondary School.  It means that the children can continue with a quality caring English medium education and will be able to enter Form 1 with a good knowledge of English rather than struggling to make the transition from Swahili Primary School to English Secondary school as has been the case for most of our students. From its outset this school will embrace the Behaviour Management Policy which will mean that these children will begin their education where discipline is based on love rather than fear. 


​Shalom Primary School foundtions laid in September









​Walls up in October








​Roof on in November













​Watch this space for classroom to be ready for school opening on 8.1.18!



As with the BGSS, the Shalom Pre and Primary School is supported through Anglican Aid in Sydney.   The scholarship and bursary system has been a huge encouragement at BGSS and  enabled some of our Form 4 graduates to complete their schooling with us.  Now with a new school we once again have a number of our prospective students unable to pay the school fees.   Jesca, James, Christina and Catherine have all been students at our Shalom Kindergarten.  Their parents struggled to pay the small fees that we were able to charge at this school.  The new Shalom Pre and Primary School has a much bigger budget and hence higher fees which will be out of reach of these four families. If you would like to contribute to the fees of these four children, please contact Anglican Aid (enquiries@anglicanaid.org.au or 02 9284 1406) and they will be able to facilitate your gift.  The fees for one child for one year are $500.00 AUD.


Here are brief profiles of these children.

James Magai James – was born on 4/9/2013.  His parents support the family by cultivating their small plot of land.  James is the second of two children.  He will be going into Nursery 1.













Catherine Wangwe Marwa was born on 27/11/2011.  Her father is disabled and is unable to walk.  Her mother cultivates their field.  Catherine is the sixth of six children in the family.  She will be in the Nursery 2 class.














Jesca Kennedy Ogaga was born in 2012.  Her parents depend on cultivating to care for their family of three children.  Jesca is the youngest child.  She will be in the Nursery 2 class.














Christina Amos Msamba was born on 11/3/2011.  Her parents also have no other income apart from their cultivating.  Christina is the second of three children.  She will enter Standard 1.














None of the parents of these children have the education or the capital to enable them to have any business or employment opportunities.  Cultivation is very much subsistence existence and depends on rain and harvest which is very fragile.  An education for their children will open up the way for improving their lives in the future.  


Our school motto is “Shine Like Stars”  (Phillipians 2:15 GNB).  Please consider supporting these beautiful special children so that they can truly shine like Stars with a successful quality education and for Jesus!