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Water is always a challenge at Bunda Girls Secondary School

Bunda Girls Secondary School is entrering their exam period.  However, for 32 students, instead of last minute studying, they have been sent home, as they have more than 100,000/- (about AUD65.00) outstanding on their fees and are not allowed to sit for exams until that is paid.  It is heartbreaking for us to do this and see their unhappiness and distress, but the school depends on payment of student fees for running costs in its tight budget.  We hope they find the money and come back in time to sit for their exams.  They will then face the challenge of fees for next term – about 750,000/- (AUD500.00).  We are thankful for the scholarships and bursaries and contributions to our discretionary fund which we have received through Anglican Aid.  Without them, the number of students sent home would be much higher.  Many grateful thanks to those of you who have contributed in this way. 

If anyone would like to contribute to our scholarships, bursaries or discretionary fund, please contact Anglican Aid (enquiries@anglicanaid.org.au or 02 9284 1406) for information on how to do this. Alternatively, you can make a donation by visiting our Bunda Girls Secondary School project page here.  100% of your gift will come to the school and be used for needy girls. 

Water is always a challenge at BGSS. 

Here girls are pulling water out of some reserve tanks for their cleaning jobs.   We have water pumped by the local water board from  Lake Victoria, our own bore hole and also rain water.  With an enrolment of over 300 students we need a lot of water. 












The rainy season means it’s time to plant trees and flowers.  Each girl has her plants to look after.  (notice the use of a cup to water the plant)























The vegetable garden is thirsty for more rain.








While we are still waiting for a library to be built, we now have a classroom dedicated to our small library.  Plenty of room for expansion.  The girls are beginning to learn how to use a library and enjoy access to story books and also reference books. 


































Everyone is feeling the pressure as end of term exams approach so it was lovely for staff and students to enjoy an exciting Sports Day competing with a visiting neighbouring school. 

The finishing line of the Sprint.












High Jump – preparing the equipment (as you will see in the following photos, the stick was exchanged for a rope)












And jumping.

Some changed their minds at the last minute!























Others flew through the air. 























Long Jump – preparing the ground for a soft landing






































































Teachers joined in the long jump.













































In the staff room at the lunch break even the teachers were jumping!












After lunch the program continued with team games.  Beginning with -













Cheering a goal for our team.












Football (with a beautiful backdrop)























Modest sports uniform. 













Clubs on Tuesday afternoons is also a time for a change of pace.  The recorder club are making great progress and will soon be able to play the Tanzanian national anthem.  (We sing it every Monday and Thursday  at 7.00 am at Morning Parade as the Tanzanian flag is raised)























The temporary school kitchen, with the help of a big storm,  finally obligingly fell down the day before we were due to begin digging the foundations of the new modern kitchen on the same site.  While building continues, a new even more temporary kitchen has been erected. 












The cooks are happy to see the kitchen growing and to try it out for size. 


























The staff of BGSS work very hard but also enjoy relaxing together.  On a public holiday recently we had a day out at the Nyerere Museum.












This week is a lull in the staff room – with exams set, students studying and no marking till next week - time for a game of cards.








For Form 4 students our last revision lesson before the exams we are watching the DVD of the Book of Acts.

Setting up the equipment














Watching the DVD