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Sydney Anglicans Support Drought Affected Communities
  • by Amy Touzell
  • July 1, 2018
The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has launched a public appeal to provide resources to churches in regional NSW and southern Queensland to assist their communities affected by the drought. 

The Vicar of Uralla Parish, Rev Brian Kirk commented that “the suddenness of this drought has caught many by surprise.” He went on to say that any help would be much appreciated but particularly prayer. He commended Christians to pray:

  • For rain
  • for farming families and businesses in rural communities
  • for farming families to make wise decisions
  • that Christians will not lose their faith in God.

Clergy and church members are proactively offering assistance to farming families by providing the following:

  • food and clothing vouchers
  • visiting to provide practical and emotional/pastoral support
  • free labour to assist with feeding of stock, maintenance, providing firewood, doing everyday chores etc.
  • fodder to feed stock
  • water for tanks & stock
  • free drought dinners
  • help to make decisions about what to do with stock


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