Help us reach this year's target by giving to our Waterworks appeal?

Water is essential for life!

In 2018, with your help, we aim to raise $600,000 for water projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Your support will go towards:

  • clean water provision
  • water education
  • hygiene and sanitation practices

Access to clean water is essential for building healthy communities and for assisting vulnerable communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Exposure to contaminated water can have awful consequences for indivduals and families, including sickness and increased mortality rates. In addition, without clean water, women and girls spend hours walking to and from wells and streams; children are withdrawn from school to work in the place of sick relatives; families take loans to pay for medical treatment; and the list goes on.

The Waterworks for a Thirsty World 2017 campaign raised more than $230,000 and funded the following projects, making a real difference to so many lives in so many communities:

  • ​Construction of a new water well in Zimbabwe, granting access to safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, washing and irrigation for over 7000 villagers and seven local schools
  • ​Installation of a water management system, directing water from a nearby mountain area to a number of villages, providing water for over 2000 households
  • Drilling of a borehole and installation of a water tank at the Mugumu Safe House for girls taking refuge from Female Genital Mutilation
  • Provision of clean water from a bore in Southern India to students at a school for orphans and disadvantaged children
  • ​Construction of seven water tanks at the brick kiln factories in Pakistan, where bonded slave labourer families work, providing access to safe drinking water for over 7000 people in these areas
  • ​Training local farmers from Kityan, Uganda, in sustainable farming practices through soil and water conservation and management 

But there is still so much to do!

By supporting Waterworks 2018 you can help to:

  • Provide toilet facilities for a refugee clinic in Jordan
  • ​Complete an abandoned bore hole in drought-afflicted northern Kenya
  • Provide capital for the purchase of 86 micro-flush public toilets in Tanzania's Rorya Diocese
  • ​Construct additional water tanks for bonded labourers in Pakistan's brick kilns
  • ​Extend the number of children who receive hygiene education through the Egg a Day project in Rwanda

So, give today and make a real difference to the lives of so many!

You could also get involved in one of our Waterworks fundraising challenges – and ask your friends and family to join in too!

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We can’t solve all the world’s water problems—but together, we can make a real difference in the lives of many people!

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Cheques can be posted to – PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office, 1230, NSW. Please make your cheque out to 'Anglican Aid'.

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