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Over the past year, and perhaps more than ever before, Australians have been reminded of the vital importance of water to the health of a community.

Around the world, 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, and 4.2 billion people lack access to proper toilets. Billions around the world are exposed to health risks with increased disease and death rates due to widespread unsafe hygiene practices. More than 297,000 children under five die annually from preventable gastrointestinal diseases. An estimated 1.9 million school days are lost by children around the world from illnesses caused by unsafe drinking water, substandard sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices.

These diseases can be prevented by improving access to clean water, providing essential sanitation facilities, and delivering health and hygiene education. This is the focus of Anglican Aid's “Waterworks for a Thirsty World” appeal.

Together, we can provide practical water solutions and enable communities to thrive!

Will you help us reach our goal of raising $250,000 in 2020, so together we can give the gift of life-saving water to vulnerable communities around the world?

By giving to Anglican Aid’s Waterworks for a Thirsty World in 2020, you can be part of enabling the delivery of health and hygiene education programs, and the supply and installation of boreholes, wells, micro-flush toilets, rainwater harvesting systems, water tanks, and solar water pumps.

You can find out more about our Waterworks for a Thirsty World campaign at www.waterworks.org.au