By giving to the Archbishop of Sydney’s Winter Appeal you will be helping to resource and enable churches to run sustainable ministry programs to assist and care for Sydney’s most vulnerable - our neighbours in need!

The Bible is clear that we are to love our neighbours as ourselves. A scholar asked Jesus the obvious question that flows from this command: “Who is my neighbour?” Jesus’ response to the question, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, makes it clear that our neighbours are not only those who are like us—people who look like us and who share our values and beliefs - our neighbours are those people who need care and love.

Sydney has the highest incidence of poverty of any Australian capital city. Research indicates that 15% of people in Sydney are living below the poverty line and there are geographic concentrations of disadvantage across the Sydney Diocese. That means, there are over 700,000 people living in the most socially disadvantaged suburbs of our diocese who need your support this winter – the homeless, unemployed, families exposed to domestic violence, at-risk youth and children, people with a disability, people with mental illness, Indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum seekers.

Through our Community Care Fund, Anglican Aid is committed to allocating grants in coordinated partnership with the Synod established Ministry in Socially Disadvantaged Areas Committee (MSDAC). These grants resource and enable churches to run their own sustainable ministry programs to support the vulnerable in their communities. In partnership with MSDAC, Anglican Aid would like to increase the number of churches receiving grants, so that more churches in the Sydney Diocese can assist more of their neighbours in need.

Please give generously to the Winter Appeal and support churches in our diocese to continue to deliver sustainable ministry programs or to start new programs that show love to our neighbours by caring for those in need.

Programs like:

Together we can help to sustain these programs and provide more programs like these, so more people can experience respect and care at a time in their lives when they need it most. You can help more vulnerable people be shown Christ-like love and care.

Donation information

Donate online today by credit card or direct debit, or by one of the methods below…

By phone - call the office 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday on (02) 9284 1406 to donate over the phone.

Cheques can be posted to – PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office, 1230, NSW.

ABN 28 525 237 517

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Donations to the Winter Appeal are tax-deductible.