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The Bible College Student Sponsorship Program has changed.

Please go to to support the training of church leaders in developing nations through Anglican Aid.




Why sponsor a student?

This unique program gives Australian Christians the opportunity to sponsor an emerging leader from a developing country to receive culturally relevant training at a trusted Bible college.

You can choose to sponsor a student as an individual, family, Bible study group, or Church.

By sponsoring a student you will enable a future pastor to be fully prepared to defend the truth of the gospel and faithfully share the good news with their nation.

Student Sponsorship

Your sponsorship, together with support from the student’s local church, will cover all necessary costs including:

    • Course fees
    • General living expenses
    • Accommodation expenses
    • Medical fund expenses
    • Any visa costs
    • Transport costs
    • Other educational expenses e.g. technology

In the case that a student has received sufficient funding to cover all of their necessary costs from their local church and sponsorships, any surplus funds will be used for students at the same college who are not fully funded.

Meet some of our sponsor students

ROXANA: “I am really thankful to God for this huge opportunity to study the Bible. I am learning so much…I love every class, I love my teachers and my classmates. It is the first time that I am studying the Bible in a Christian atmosphere and I am so thankful. Something that I love in my meeting or my studies groups is the first thing that we do is pray!…God is working so much in my heart because Jesus is showing me how much He loves his church.”

NISHAN: “I am learning intermediate Greek. It has completely changed my view on looking at any verse of the Bible. As I am preparing for a sermon or any theological discussion the first thing that comes to mind has changed from ‘what do I understand’, to ‘what is the author trying to say to its original audience’ and to draw applications from it…There are many spots [in Nepal] that need to be filled with God’s true words and I am hoping I can be a contribution to the Nepali Christian community.”

MXO: “The false [prosperity] gospel is becoming popular in our rural areas. My desire is to preach the truth of the Bible as God wants. I can’t wait to study African Church History because this will be the context that I will be ministering to in the future. After finishing my studies I would like to go back to my rural area and pastor a church there.”

MESHACK: “My own mother was a witch doctor. She devoted me to her gods, expecting me to inherit her work. But by the grace of God, I was chosen by the almighty God to be purified and used for his glory. I apply for this sponsorship so that it may help me go to further theological studies in order to serve the Almighty God in a proper way.”

VANESSA: “When I complete the course I want to be full-time in ministry serving the Lord and…be able to equip others with the knowledge of truth of the Bible in my community. The knowledge that I have gained I will share with others proclaiming the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for we are here to raise disciples for the kingdom of God. I want to become a lecturer at a Bible teaching college too one day. I thank God for the privilege that God has given me to learn to know and serve him better through gaining the deeper understanding of the Bible and being equipped to teach it well to others.”

NYAKAHO: “I am very grateful for this sponsorship, which supports me in my studies…I pray that through my studies, I will improve more, love God with his people, and spread the gospel in truth in order to make a larger number of people evangelised according the witness of the gospel…My hope is to be a good teacher of doctrine in our nation, especially in rural areas where the leaders do not follow well the inspiration of the Scripture.”


Roxana is studying a Bachelor of Theology at Centro de Estudios Pastorales (CEP), Chile.

Nishan Tamang

Nishan is studying a Masters of Divinity at the Anglican Training Center, Nepal.


Mxo is studying a Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College, South Africa


Meshack is studying a Bachelor of Divinity at Uganda Christian College, Uganda


Vanessa is completing a ‘Women Serving Christ’ Certificate at Johannesburg Bible College, South Africa.


Nyakaho is studying a Diploma of Theology at Bunda Bible College, Tanzania



Words of encouragement

“Last year we were given the privilege of sharing in Peter’s ministry by helping him to complete his studies…I am so pleased that we can partner with him and pray for his wife and children. We pray for our brother and his family every week, and pray that his ministry will bring great glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank him for allowing us to partner with him in this way.”



“You are probably very familiar with the troubles we’re having in the Anglican Communion… it is essential that Anglican Aid is partnering with us here in Africa and elsewhere [to] select good colleges where our men and women can go and train. The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.”

The Right Rev. R Mwita Akiri

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tarime (Tanzania)

“If people can be trained properly with good teaching, that’s a wonderful thing. We’ve always thought we have so much opportunity to know Jesus here in Sydney. We’ve learned so much from training here. I was struck by the fact that in many countries, Anglican Aid has found good training colleges for ministry that are Bible-based. To fund a person to study in their own culture has advantages.”

John & Heather


“Let us get our strategies straight.
Support good theological training!”

Dr Peter Jensen

Theological Education Network Director for GAFCON

“We are really happy to hear from our sponsor student in Malawi that he is continuing to learn more about God and His word at the Bible college and that he is well. We are continuing to pray for both him and his family, for safety, health and for growing in God’s word. We are happy to know that we can support someone from far away who will teach God’s word to people on the continent of Africa.”

Joanne & Craig


“By training and teaching and equipping these men and women they’re passing on the baton to their families. Their family members are coming to Christ or their family members are growing in Christ. And then they’re using those skills in their churches. The amount of women who’ve gone and started small group Bible studies after we’ve done the assessment they have to do is incredible!”

Kylie Zietsch

Dean of Women, Johannesburg Bible College

“Completing the PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate) subjects has transformed my ministry…I can now explain Bible passages in context.”

Gaston has gone on to use what he learned as he manages evangelistic training in his diocese, oversees the expansion of a network of local Anglican schools, and hosts a weekly radio segment explaining the Bible.

Rev Gaston Velonstara

Graduate of PTC Pilot Program in Madagascar

“When you sponsor a student you are literally keeping the doors of AST open, because we can’t survive without sponsorships… The strength of the Diocese of Sydney has always been Moore Theological College, an institution clearly committed to raising up biblical expositors, generation on generation. That’s exactly what we hope AST will be for decades to come… As AST continues to strengthen as an institution of biblical faithfulness in Africa, led by Africans, it will have a great influence in shaping mainstream Anglicanism… When people sponsor students, they are not only helping that student, they are also investing in an institution that will increasingly play an important role in shaping the Communion.”

The Rev Canon Dr Ashley Null

Chairman of the Board, Alexandria School of Theology (AST), Egypt

“I think this new BCSS program is very exciting as there will be a personal link between the sponsors and the students as they study. That will mean prayer will go both ways as I know the students will pray for their sponsors just as the sponsors are praying for them.”

Helen Hoskins

Board Member, Bunda Bible College (pictured with Archbishop Glenn Davies in Bunda, Tanzania)

Study Levels

Masters, PhD

How it works


The options are as follows:

YELLOW: $140/mth ($1,700 per year)

GREEN: $450/mth ($5,400 per year)

BLUE: $1,000/mth ($12,000 per year)

Many of our student sponsorships can now be tax-deductible. Please indicate your preference when you enquire.


If you would like to, you can indicate your preference for:
– Your sponsor student’s home country
– The Bible College where your sponsor student will be studying.

While we will try our best to match your preferred home country or Bible college, this may not always be possible. We’ll check that you’re happy to proceed before starting your sponsorship.

Of course you may prefer that Anglican Aid simply matches you with a student who needs your sponsorship the most – which we will be happy to do!


A friendly Anglican Aid team member will be in touch to let you know about the sponsor student who has been matched with you.

If you would like to proceed, we’ll ask for the payment details for the sponsorship.

You can choose to sponsor via credit card or direct debit; and choose between weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments.

We’ll let you know the date that your sponsorship commences.

You’ll receive a sponsor pack with more information about your sponsor student.


Anglican Aid will regularly forward prayer letters from your sponsor student and updates on their progress.

You are encouraged to develop a long-term relationship with your student from their first year of study through to graduation, through regular prayer and correspondence.

You may then choose to continue to follow their journey as they go on to strengthen churches and transform communities in their home country, to the glory of God.

Sponsor a student

You can help train and equip the next generation of Christian leaders in the developing world. Be part of this ground-breaking program. Sponsor a student today.