Christmas Appeal 2023: "Because of Jesus"

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DRC is one of the most challenging environments on earth, with the country being plagued by decades of corruption, war and political instability. Educational poverty is prolific, with nearly 7 million children out of school between the ages of 5 to 17, and 64% cannot read a single word  in French, or answer a single multiplication question. 

Poor school infrastructure and facilities are prevalent in DRC; out of the 116 diocesan schools only 4 have adequate facilities which meet the country’s standards. There are schools with very little teaching materials, none have libraries, workshops or laboratories, and no school has access to water and electricity. 

Staffing is another big issue for education in DRC. Many teachers are not being paid and when they are, their average payment is below the poverty line. They also often do not completely grasp the curriculum they are meant to be teaching, as effective teacher training is limited. 

Improving infrastructure and providing various materials for learning will help children to have a higher quality education and provide a way out of poverty. This project will serve to equip students with real world skills and enable the training of teachers. 

Please pray for the work of Openwell Education in the Diocese of Kindu that children’s lives will be improved through education, better facilities and a quality, Christian education.

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