Lari’s* story 

“My name is Lari*, and I am from the Congo and am an ordained pastor. I am a part of a tribe who has been brutally ethnically discriminated against. We are denied citizenship and political representation, victims of violent acts, and a government decree that we must leave the country. We have been forced to leave our homeland. Our villages have been burnt and our ancestor’s graves destroyed.  

My family and I reside in Kenya as refugees. I have been wrongfully accused by my tribe as being a spy.   

Three men broke into my home and wanted to arrest me. I was not home, as my wife told them, but they searched the entire house. My sons were threatened by these men, so two of them fled.” 

Together with Philoi Global, Anglican Aid partners with local Churches to respond to the needs of displaced people. It is often local churches that serve as the frontline responder in conflict situations. 

  • $50 could supply a food package for a displaced Christian household. 
  • $100 AUD could offer home gardening training, along with the necessary tools and seeds. 
  • $250 a month could provide survival needs for a displaced person like Lari or a refugee Christian in similar circumstances.  
  • $9000 could help Lari, or a refugee Christian in similar circumstances, get to a safer country. 


*Name has been changed for safety 

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Donations to Anglican Aid for this project are tax-deductible 

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