Anglican Aid is the relief and aid agency of the Sydney Anglican Church. We work with likeminded, on-the-ground partners to let God’s grace flow to vulnerable people around the world and in Sydney. Our Overseas Development projects seek to express the love and compassion of Christ through working towards the relief of poverty and suffering. In addition to this, our non tax-deductible Overseas Ministry projects support theological training and development of men and women in the majority world. We partner with Sydney Anglican churches through our Community Care Program to support activities that are reaching out to marginalised people in our city. You can download a copy of The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Aid and Relief Fund rules here

Grace on the ground

To deliver our aid programs we work with like-minded Christian partners. People we know and trust. Our recent accreditation with the CMA Standards Council shows our strong commitment to Biblical stewardship and integrity.

Anglican Aid partners with Christian organisations to alleviate poverty in the developing world. We work with Anglican churches in this city as an expression of God’s grace.

And we work together with indigenous Christian leadership throughout the developing world so that men and women will be equipped to proclaim the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus.

How did Anglican Aid start?

The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid is the fresh and simplified name for what was previously known as The Archbishop of Sydney’s Appeals Unit. It was comprised of three funds: the Community Care Fund, the Overseas Relief and Aid Fund and the Overseas Ministry Fund. For more history on the three funds, see below.

Today, the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid still comprises these three funds, known now as Overseas Development, Overseas Mission, and Anglican Aid (containing both Community Care and overseas projects). When you make a donation to Anglican Aid, you will be asked which fund or project you would like your money to go to. If you do not specify which fund, we will direct the donation to where there is the greatest need.

Anglican Aid Programs

As the icy grip of the Great Depression crushed Sydney in 1934, Archbishop Howard Mowll decided not just to preach about it, but to make a difference. Over time, this became the Archbishop's Community Care Fund.

The Community Care Program works in partnership with churches all over greater metropolitan Sydney. It supports those facing social and economic hardship, mental health problems or requiring refugee settlement assistance. Projects are active in Auburn, Campbelltown, Campsie, Corrimal, Dapto, Darlinghurst, Glebe, Liverpool South, Macquarie Fields, Nowra, Petersham, Pitt Town, Redfern, Riverwood, Sadlier and South Coogee.

The Anglican Aid  community based program supports partners overseas that assist in benevolent activities which are improving education, disability support, water access and sanitation, health and income generation for marginalised communities. The approach is all about community development. This is a process of partnering with people in the community over the long term and encouraging joint participation at all levels.

This partnership enables local churches and community groups to show the love of Jesus Christ to those suffering the effects of poverty and marginalisation in their community. Anglican Aid is tax deductible. You can view all of the projects in this fund here.

Overseas Development

In 1971, Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane took Sydney’s eyes from the suffering in our suburbs to needs overseas. To those affected by war, poverty, disease, injustice and natural disaster. The Archbishop’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund (ORAF) was established.

ORAF seeks to raise awareness and resources in order to equip and empower communities in the developing world. 

Overseas Development works in partnership with Christian agencies overseas. Projects assist with a range of health, education, agricultural and capacity building initiatives.

This fund doesn’t support any activities that have religious, welfare or partisan political objectives. It has tax-deductible status and is a registered charity. Anglican Aid Overseas Relief and Aid Fund is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct. As a signatory we are required to meet high standards of corporate governance, public accountability and financial management. More inforation about the ACFID Code of Conduct can be obtained from:


Overseas Ministry

“We try to see that faith and works go together.” So said former Archbishop Peter Jensen. In proof of this core belief, the Overseas Ministry Fund was founded in 2001. It exists to help ministries in the developing world by providing financial support for bible and leadership training.

Through Overseas Ministry, Anglican Aid is able to partner with Christian brothers and sisters in places where strong Biblical training is limited and under resourced.

Through this important ministry, the next generation of gospel workers will enable the grace of Jesus Christ to be revealed to more and more people in the developing world. Overseas Ministry is not tax-deductible and is a registered charity.

Into the future

Anglican Aid remains commited to excelling in the provision of Christian aid to vulnerable communities throughout the world. Through fundraising initiatives such as Waterworks for a Thirsty World ​we are continuing to grow in size and scope as an aid organisation. Thank you for your partnership with us in letting grace flow to the ends of the earth.