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There is a great need for godly church leaders in Nepal who are able to teach the Bible clearly and faithfully. The church in Nepal is one of the fastest growing in the world. Hundreds of people are being baptised every year. The Anglican Church in Nepal was founded in 1999 and has already grown to 117 congregations. With only 17 clergy and 45 licensed lay pastors, more trained pastors are urgently needed to disciple new believers and help them stand firm in a context of significant persecution from the government and community.  

By donating to Anglican Aid’s Training Pastors projects, you can help train pastors in Nepal to understand God’s word and teach it to others.  

“I would like to thank Anglican Aid for supporting us to train theological students in Nepal. Nepal is one of the places where Christian growth is so rapid. It is our vision and our goal to train up more young leaders to send to the different villages … It is important for them to be equipped biblically so that God’s truth can be spread in the whole of Nepal.”

Rev. Prem Tamang

Director of Anglican Training Centre, Nepal

“I am learning intermediate Greek. It has completely changed my view on looking at any verse of the Bible. As I am preparing for a sermon or any theological discussion the first thing that comes to mind has changed from ‘what do I understand’, to ‘what is the author trying to say to the original audience’ and to draw applications from it…There are many spots [in Nepal] that need to be filled with God’s true words and I am hoping I can be a contribution to the Nepali Christian community.”

Nishan Thing Tamang

Master of Divinity, Anglican Training Centre, Nepal

“There is a great need for workers who don’t need to be ashamed and who handle the word of God correctly. So as we fill this need, we have been moving forward for this generation in Nepal. I would really like to extend my heart before Anglican Aid and say a great thank you for helping us and continue to pray for us as we work together for the Kingdom of God.”

James Tamang

Master of Divinity, Anglican Training Centre, Nepal

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