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From Hopelessness to Healing  

 In the middle of a blistering summer’s day, Anu* and her two daughters fled from their home. As the three of them huddled together fearfully at a bus stop in their village, not knowing where to go from there, the principal of the local school happened to pass by. Between sobs, Anu bravely shared how they had experienced years of horrendous domestic abuse from her husband. Hearing about their dire situation, the principal contacted an NGO who rescued Anu and her girls that very evening. 

For the last few years, Anu and her daughters have considered the Bangalore Women’s Safe House their home. Although the scars of the past run deep, they have been receiving the counsel and medical help required to begin healing.  

Your partnership with the Bangalore Women’s Safehouse will continue to create change for more women and children like Anu. In the face of extreme trauma, your tax-deductible donation will bring hope and healing to survivors of abuse and transform their lives.  

*Name has been changed  

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