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For those left behind in Syria’s besieged cities, often unable to flee due to age, disability or illness, life is extremely difficult. The war has caused wild inflation, making the purchase of basic supplies very difficult. Many fled to Damascus from other parts of Syria and are without family or friends.

Damascus Church Aid shares the love of Christ by supplying food hampers, medicine, and essentials like nappies, blankets, and clothing for people in need.

They ministry also helps to provide school supplies for children, including stationery, school bags, textbooks, and notebooks.

Twice a month the church runs a meals on wheels program, serving families something they wouldn’t be able to afford like meat or a kebab.

“Before the crisis, our church was of 80 adult members – we knew each other – all of a sudden we saw many people coming,” says Pastor Yacco. 

“Our old building wasn’t enough for the newcomers and there was no emergency exit… if fire broke out we would all be charcoal,” he says. “Now, we have more than doubled our space. We can seat 250 people and we often have more. More and more people are coming to Christ, and evangelism, in fact, it is easier now.”

“We had no experience in managing a crisis but the Lord helped us. The Lord is seeing us through.”

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