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The Tanzanian church has grown immensely in the last few years, and there are now many new church plants, particularly in rural areas. These churches urgently need trained, godly pastors who understand and proclaim the truth of God’s word and who are equipped to disciple new believers in a context where false teaching is rife. However, since 57% of Tanzanians live in poverty*, it is extremely challenging for pastors to fund their own theological education.  

*UNDP Multidimensional Poverty Index 2023 

By donating to Anglican Aid’s Training Pastors Fund, you can help equip pastors in Tanzania to understand the Bible and teach it faithfully.  


Here’s what some students have said about their time at Munguishi Bible College:  

The course and college experience has helped me to know how to interpret the Bible and to preach. Also, the course has helped me to learn several qualities of a good church leader.

Dickson Joram Mpwani

Certificate of Theology Student, Munguishi Bible College

The training I got has changed my Biblical understanding for better … now I understand how God related with his people. Now I can minister to the church better than before.

Elizabeth Masanja

Diploma of Theology Student, Munguishi Bible College

With the help of my competent teachers, I have developed greatly. In the subject of Theology, I have learned God’s eternal love. Before, I thought when you don’t do something, He ends his love. Also, I can preach well because I have learned different methods of interpreting [the] word.

Godfrey Martin Ndedya

Certificate of Theology Student, Munguishi Bible College

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