Take Flight

A brighter future

Take Flight China works in two ways to give hope and a brighter future to precious children: by caring for abandoned children in the Take Flight Village, and working with families of children with a disability, to connect them to support services available in their area and give them an alternative to abandoning their child.  The Take Flight Village models best-practice care for children aged 4-12 living with intellectual and physical disabilites.

Anglican Aid is working with Take Flight as it now embarks on a pilot program for local families with children aged 2-16 who have cerebral palsy, and don't fit into the mainstream school system. There is hope that Christians will be empowered to respond to needs in their local community, by contributing to a scholarship program and to pray for the families.

Holistic care

Take Flight is developing a model to meet the needs of these families through training local OTs, physios, speech therapists and special education teachers. We pray that the government will adopt this model, in time.

By providing an holistic approach to care, including psychological support and trained social workers managing each child's case, the centre will provide a launch point for a shift in how children with CP and their families are supported.

Families who participate, both in the pilot and in coming years, will be more in control of their progress as they learn how to overcome obstacles, not be thwarted by them.

Economically, people will have been supported to undertake changes (remodelling bathrooms, accessing assistive products and education supports) in a way that does not put them into poverty.

A Sunny smile

Sunny is one of the children whose life has been changed by God, through the work of Take Flight.  Left alone in an orphanage, and without human interaction she had retreated into her own world. She didn't walk or respond to stimuli. But, with love, singing, stretches, exercise, talking, holding, laughter and play — all the things every child deserves — she flourished. Sunny now daily enjoys the warmth and love of a foster family; never alone, exploring, playing and lots of cuddles!

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

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