Take Flight

Children with a disability are among the most vulnerable people. It is estimated that 98% of children in Chinese orphanages have a disability. Most of these children have been abandoned anonymously. Often, parents are not aware of the therapy and treatments that are available to their children, and feeling helpless, many parents feel that abandonment is their only option. 

Take Flight China works in two ways to give hope and a brighter future to these precious children: by caring for children who have been abandoned in the Take Flight Village, and working with families of children with a disability, to connect them to support services available in their area and give them an alternative to abandoning their child. 


The Take Flight Village models best-practice care for children aged 4-12 with intellectual and physical disabilites. There are currently 54 children living in the village. All of them have moved there from a local orphanage, where they were considered to be unfosterable, unadoptable, unable to learn. Every child at the village has their own bed to sleep in, toys to play with, colourful classrooms to learn in, activity rooms and outdoor play areas to explore. They are also provided with a range of therapies, including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy, tailored specifically to their needs. Foster mothers live in the village to care for the children. Each foster mother cares for three children. Since arriving at the village many of the children have made such good progress that they have been able to move into loving foster homes and even be adopted. 

Sunny is one of those children. Left alone and with no interaction in the orphanage, she had retreated into her own world. Not given a chance to explore and play, she couldn’t walk. Never held, she had no reason to respond. But, with love, singing, stretches, exercise, talking, holding, laughter and play — all the things every child deserves — she flourished. Sunny now daily enjoys the warmth and love of a foster family; never alone, exploring, playing and lots of cuddles!


Through its family support centre, Take Flight hopes to see more and more children stay in the loving families God intended for them. The centre provides counseling and support services to parents who discover at birth that their child has a disability so that they are empowered to keep and raise their child. Acting mainly as a bridge to other exisitng services they provide advice and emotional support to parents on the journey through surgery and therapy for their children. The centre also provides an opportunity for families of children with a disability to connect with one another and support each other on their journey.


Week by week, month by month, the team at Take Flight see these precious lives changed. For children who once had no hope, they now face a bright future. You can be part of the Take Flight story. For $90/month, you can sponsor a child in the Village, and help them to take flight. Your support will also go to employing an additional social worker at the family support centre, and to fit out a new sensory room in the Village. 

You can donate online today via the website.  All donations to this project are tax deductible.

Donations for this project will be used for this project only.

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