Zambia’s Child

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has hit many Zambian families, with around 12.9% of the adult population in Zambia affected with HIV (UNAID Gap Report 2016). There are many orphans due to HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases often caused by malnutrition and poor sanitation. Basic facilities are often lacking – in Zambia, 36 per cent of households do not have access to clean water and 50 per cent are without access to sanitation facilities.

Together with Zambia's Child (formerly Blessed to Bless), Anglican Aid is helping to break the cycle of poverty by building the capacity of schools in the Kasompe and Bulangililo districts. The project uses a range of initiatives to enable children not currently attending school to enrol in local primary and secondary schools, offering them greater access to opportunities to succeed in life. In Kasompe, Zambia’s Child is building the Ipalo Christian Community School, which will eventually provide for students from Reception to Grade 12 and also include trade skills programs. Adult literacy classes and skills training run through the schools encourage adults as well as children to be involved with the everyday running of the schools. Through skills development, adults are able to seek employment or develop their own enterprises. Income-generation projects will be developed so that schools become self-funded and sustainable.

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  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the governing committee in Australia
  • Pray for children who have received an education through Zambia's Child. Pray that they and their families can lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Pray for the development of a new education project in Lusaka with the Hope and Faith School.