Pakistan Floods: Emergency aid for flood victims

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Pakistan: Emergency Flood Relief

Relieve suffering in Pakistan

Anglican Aid, together with our local partners, is working to provide relief to the people of Pakistan, as floods devastate the nation.

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Pakistan has been enduring severe monsoon weather since mid-June, with rainfall equivalent to 2.8 times its national 30-year average, causing widespread flooding and landslides and inducing displacement.

Our contacts on the ground reported that hundreds of people have been forced to set up temporary camps on roads and highways, which are typically raised off the ground. The price of tarps has skyrocketed.

Communities are vulnerable as hospitals are inoperative due to flooding. Bridges have been completely wiped out, leaving some villages isolated and cutting off essential supplies. There is a shortage of drinking water.

One third of Pakistan is currently under water.

Over 218,000 houses have been destroyed and a further 452,000 damaged since 14 June, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Livelihoods are also being heavily impacted – more than 793,900 livestock – a critical source of sustenance and livelihoods for many families – have died, of which some 63 per cent are in Balochistan and 25 per cent in Punjab. Around 2 million acres of crops and orchards have also been impacted, including at least 304,000 acres in Balochistan, 178,000 acres in Punjab and some 1.54 million acres in Sindh.

 Pakistan’s minister for Climate Change has stated that at least 33 million people have been affected by the flooding and more rain is expected in the coming days and weeks, which will only worsen the already terrible situation. At least 1130 people have died as a direct result of these floods.


Anglican Aid is working with our existing long-term partners in the region, including 1toAnother in Multan and the Diocese of Hyderabad, to provide much needed relief. 

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